Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Russian TV channel Russia Today does not have much to recommend itself. It is strongly anti-West and virulently anti-American, and I would not recommend to watch it to find out the truth about Islam.

However, in some strange, twisted and roundabout way, usually to fit its own agenda of defending Russian positions against the West as now in the case of military intervention in Syria on the side of the "rebels", it manages to give voice to opinions that I cannot imagine mainstream Western TV networks - except maybe Fox News in the US - to allow in their politically tightly-controlled schedule, like this broadcast shown yesterday and the day before, in which current Western attitudes and coverage of the civil war between Assad and his opponents are compared to those in the 1990s regarding the atrocities committed by Serbs and against Serbs in former Yugoslavia.

All I can say is that, in its drive to criticize the West, Russia Today occasionally gets it right.
The Western media's coverage of the Syrian conflict has drawn comparisons to how it covered conflicts in the past, most notably the series of brutal wars that accompanied the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. ­

James Jatras, the director of the American Council on Kosovo, believes the similarities between the two conflicts run deep.

“There are similarities on three crucial levels when we look at Syria,” Jatras told RT. “One has to do with the international system, the rule of law, the role of the Security Council. Another has to do with the status of sovereign states, and how you treat a sovereign state that has an insurgency within its borders.”

The third level involves taking a complex situation involving atrocities and violence committed on both sides of the conflict, and attributing them only to one side.

“What you do is come up with a concept, and you fit the facts into the concept. You don’t take a step back in good faith, look at what’s really going on, look at the suffering of people on both sides,” Jatras noted.

Jatras believes that the West has essentially been pouring gasoline on a smoldering fire, using words like “genocide,” and only wants victory for one side and utter destruction for the other.

He also took note of the similar fates of the Christian population in both the Kosovo and the Syrian conflict.

“Why is it that in the name of fighting terrorism and promoting democracy, the United States always seems to find itself on the side of jihadist elements engaging in terrorism with predictable results for the Christian population, as we saw in Kosovo when half of the Orthodox Serb population had to flee the province, and thousands of them were killed by the ‘liberators,’ – the Kosovo Liberation Army?"
Read the rest of 'Washington backed jihadist elements in Kosovo, now in Syria': Source

By Enza Ferreri


Anonymous said...

Been saying so since the Syrian conflict began.

Syria is a relatively good and tolerant nation compared to what else is in that area, excepting Israel.

Christians, Druze and other religious minorities can practice their faith openly and without fear. Women are as free as they are in the West.

And the West, as usual with the USA bowing as low as it can get, supports the most corrupt, venal, authoritarian, and fanatic theocratic state in the world, Saudi Arabia, and does what it orders.

The US has always supported Muslims and fanatic Islam in any war with non-Muslims. In Indonesia it sold out to the Muslims. In India-Pakistan wars, there was the leader of the free world, standing shoulder to shoulder with Islam against a democracy. In Bosnia - ditto. In Kosovo, ditto.

And for all this support, what was it rewarded with? 9/11 - most of the glorious 19 were Saudis.


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