Sunday, 22 July 2012
Savage Muslims at their post-fast greedfest in Salamanca

According to this article about Ramadan in La Gaceta de Salamanca, there are only 1800 Muslims here. That's 1800 too many, but still not bad for a European city these days. And the numbers are heading in the right direction. Two years ago there were 2000.



Anonymous said...

What is the secret?

Maria José said...

Cheradenine, que suerte tenéis todos los que vivís en Salamanca. Yo vivo en Madrid y Madrid está lleno de musulmanes, nosotros los llamamos moros.

Afortunadamente, parece que con la gran crisis económica que tenemos en España, el número de musulmanes no está creciendo.

Y por primera vez en muchos años, el gobierno central y los gobiernos autonómicos están disminuyendo las ayudas sociales y los salarios de integración a los inmigrantes.

Esto es lo único bueno de la gran crisis económica.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Dónde están los musulmanes en Madrid? En cuáles barrios? Es posible que yo vaya a venir a Madrid en futuro.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The secret? Well, there are a lot of churches, cathedrals, monastic houses, convents, seats of religious orders, bells ringing all the time, etc. Maybe that puts them off. Plus it's a university town. Muslims tend not to thrive in academic environments.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna live in salamanca

Maria José said...

Cheradenine, los musulmanes están en casi todos los barrios de Madrid.

Los peores barrios de Madrid, con muchos musulmanes, muchos españoles izquierdistas que defienden a los musulmanes, y mucha delincuencia, son Lavapiés y Tetuán.

Anonymous said...

DP111 said..


So far, the results of combating Islam within the West, have failed singularly. Islam continues to expand, in territory within the West, number of converts, ever expanding role of sharia in society, and the ever increasing influence of Islam in centres of power.

Islam is not going to be defeated by secularism or atheism. Any of our values based on the tolerance or secularism , will simply be scorned as man made laws. Allah’s laws for them are divine, and they will always trump man made laws.

Yet the values we have, are derived from Christianity. Muslims realise that in a place such as Salamanca, with its open and unashamed Christianity, they will get nowhere. They instinctively know that those very same Western values when asserted as a matter of faith, will brook no compromise. At the moment they know that they are not in a position to wage open war on Christians in Europe. In the ME its another matter.

A similar situation holds in Malta. The Maltese are also very Christian. Public transport such buses and taxis display the cross, Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ(Unimaginable in the UK). Churches are everywhere. The church is very much a part of the community, and vice versa.

The EU funds public transport, but dares not ask the drivers to remove the cross, or icons of Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Anonymous said...

1800 is still 1800 too many. Where's El Cid when you need him most?

Paris Claims

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

He's gone. But I've got his sword.

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