Wednesday, 4 July 2012
We're used to hearing preposterous claims from the multicultists who promote the alien colonisation of Europe. But a book recently published in Germany has pushed out the envelope of absurd.

In their book Deutschland ohne Ausländer “Germany without Foreigners”, Matthias Thieme and Pitt von Bebenburg imagine a Germany where a right-wing populist government has taken expelled all residents without a German passport.

The book uses one of the multicult's favourite tactics, conflating all immigrants together, so that savage Muslim third-worlders are equated with civilised, productive Europeans, North Americans, Australians, etc.

It is full of bogus statistics and preposterous claims like "Without all the foreigners to do cleaning work, Germany would become a terribly dirty country!" (It doesn't literally say that. That's me parodying it.)

It does contain a few interesting nuggets of truth:
True enough, people of non-German descent pay less tax than their "native" counterparts (€7,400 per year per head to €10,800)...

The new frontier of absurdity is reached when they discuss crime.
One myth the authors are particularly keen to dispel is that the exodus of foreigners living in Germany would reduce crime. On the contrary, they argue, crimes of prejudice would simply be directed at new targets, possibly the elderly and handicapped.

First of all, it's a bizarre notion that the problem of crime principally relates not to the muggings, gang rapes, assaults, etc. that the third-worlders inflict on indigenous Europeans, but to "crimes of prejudice" committed by indigenous Europeans. Second, though, the idea that there is somehow a fixed amount of prejudice to go round and if we can't vent it on Muslims, we'll find some other target is surely the piece de resistance of multicult absurdity. Have you ever heard such a ridiculous argument? Once the Muslims are gone from Europe, we Counterjihadists will have to restyle ourselves "Counterpensioners" or "Counterdisablists". I will have to rename this blog "Old People versus Europe" or "Disabled versus Europe". "Jihad Watch" will have to be renamed "Senior Watch". We can post stories about how a gang of bat-wielding old men smashed up a teenage party, remarking as they did so, "HaHa! We old people are taking over...", etc.

Their discussion of the diplomatic and social consequences, though, is perhaps more realistic.
MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit – as a French-born German who represents France in the European Parliament himself a perfect example of integration – said second- and third-generation migrants who would be allowed to stay in this scenario, would not accept the eviction of their families. "There would be a civil war," he predicted.

Germany's international standing would be irreparably damaged, according to Cohn-Bendit. "Germany would immediately be excluded from the EU for violating the terms of the Lisbon treaty," he said. "There would be a great isolation of Germany from the whole world ... there would be economic sanctions – no more German exports. Germany would be as isolated as Iran is today."

Thieme and von Bebenburg acknowledge that such a sequence of events is highly unlikely. In a concluding section entitled "Is such a scenario possible?" experts from politics, law and science explain that the ascent to power of such a right-wing regime is, for the foreseeable future, extremely improbable. Among other factors, the institutional hurdles are too high and the right’s political identity too fractured.

But, they argue, that doesn't mean that Deutschland ohne Ausländer is a pointless book - not when people like Sarrazin can induce more than half the population to question the very value of immigrants in German society.

This is particularly true in a time of economic decline, so often seen as the slippery slope on which xenophobic ideas gather popular momentum. Greece’s neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which has said it would drag immigrants from kindergartens and hospitals to free up space for native Greeks, has been gaining support in a horrendous economic environment.

The book concludes with an interview with the author Günter Wallraff. "It’s a horrendous conception," he says. "A gruesome science fiction scenario, which we would have to save ourselves from. Daily routine and public life would be unbearable. And the worst part? The Sarrazins would be among us. I’d rather blow my brains out."

The first country to break with the multicult consensus and expel the Muslims will indeed face the threat of diplomatic ostracism, possible economic sanctions and the spectre of civil disorder. But if that's how it has to be, then that's how it has to be. It's still a more attractive prospect than losing our countries to the Mohammedans.

Source: The Local


Anonymous said...

Arab countries are often expelling foreigners and stateless people, sometimes violently, not to mention never giving citizenship to foreign workers, and nobody is making a fuss about it.

sheik yer'mami said...

hahaha! Cohn-Bendit, that deranged pedophile, that die-hard commie parasite tells us that Germany would be excluded from the EU? Lisbon treaty?

He really seems to believe that the EU is a permanent construct; a replacement for God and nation states?

And Gunter Wallraff, a creepy little Stasi swine is now a moral guardian who rails against Thilo Sarazzin?

Good grief!

When the muselmaniacs get kicked out, I hope they hang Walraff and Cohn Bandit side by side.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I heard one good item of news recently. Apparently Cohn-Bendit is going to retire from the European parliament to make a documentary about football.

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