Thursday, 19 July 2012

After relentless media propaganda portraying the dead Muslim thugs as authentic British heroes, finally a British jury has restored common sense. I made several posts about this incident (see here, here and here), citing evidence that it was the Muslims who attacked the negroes in the car and whatever the negroes did was in response to that. I cannot recall a single voice anywhere in the mainstream media landscape that dared to dissent from the official narrative of heroic Muslims who died defending their shops and then heroically forbearing Muslims who declined to go on a negro-killing spree afterwards to exact revenge. Let's see whether the Muslims accept the verdict or decide to go on a jihad spree now.
Haroon Jahan, 20, ShazadAli, 31, and Abdul Musavir, 30, were protecting local businesses when it was claimed they were deliberatly mown down in a modern-day equivalent of a "chariot charge" involving three cars in Winson Green, Birmingham.

But today eight men in the cars were cleared of three counts of murder each by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court today after just over four hours of deliberations.

Ryan Goodwin, Shaun Flynn, Juan Ruiz-Gaviria, Joshua Donald, Everton Graham, Adam King, Ian Beckford and Aaron Parkins all walked free.

After the verdicts, the trial judge, Mr Justice Flaux appealed for calm on the streets of Birmingham and urged people to respect the jury's findings.

The deaths came against a backdrop of clashes between the Asian and black communities, with gangs seen roaming around the streets looking for places to loot, whilst shopkeepers and members of the community tried to repel them by throwing objects at their cars.

CCTV footage showed three cars apparently lining up next to each other and following what the prosecution claimed was a deliberate hand signal, racing off. Beckford, 30, the driver of the Mazda, hit the crowd, but claimed in his evidence it wasn’t deliberate and that he was a friend of the three men who died.

He said his car had been attacked and he was worried about being blocked in by the crowd.
The jury decided the heroic Muslim story and its corollary, the evil negro conspiracy story, was a crock.
Much of the case rested on telephone evidence between the men and CCTV footage which the Crown claimed showed an orchestrated three-car "chariot charge" planned in the minutes leading up to the fatal impact.

The prosecution claimed two cars were used to deliberately lure the crowd into the street, while the Mazda then drive into it.

But the defendants described the claims of a murderous plan being hatched in a three-minute "window" prior to the deaths as implausible speculation which had put innocent men in the dock.

The three men driving the cars - Ian Beckford, Adam King and Joshua Donald - and their passengers variously described the prosecution's claim as "ridiculous" and "utter rubbish".

It was also argued by the defence that the three cars were under attack from a crowd, some masked and armed with sticks, bricks and, in one case, a sword.

Paul Lewis QC, who defended Beckford, said the fatal collision happened when the three cars involved were "under serious attack" from groups of men throwing bricks and missiles from both sides of the road.

The QC told jurors: "It occurred as the three unfortunate victims themselves stepped further into the road to attack the cars. It was a tragedy but it was an accident nonetheless."
Source: Telegraph

What of Tariq Jahan now, the "Pride of Britain", the "True Face of Britain", the career criminal, GBH specialist and former Hizb ut-Tahrir member? Will he be required to hand back his "Pride of Britain" award now that a jury has effectively decided his son was a criminal killed in the course of committing his crime, not some heroic Muslim dying to defend Britain? What does it say about modern Britain that the possibility of mass Muslim violence in response to the death of a Muslim criminal even exists and that the indigeneous people are expected to be pathetically grateful when then Muslims do not engage in this mass violence?

UPDATE: Tariq Jahan is at it again, doing his peacemaker act.
Speaking on behalf of both families outside after the verdict, Tariq Jahan, Harron's father said: 'I would like to appeal for peace and calm in our community in light of today's verdicts.
'The families do not wish to make any comment regarding the court case at this time and would ask the media to respect their privacy'
Source: Daily Mail

Maybe he's hoping to get off with his next crime too?

From the sketch in the Mail, it looks as if the defendants weren't all negroes either.


alas said...

Hopefully this will strain relations between the Muslim and black communities. Also note how the two groups are either all black or all muslim, it just goes to show how stupid the belief is that race does not matter. Race is that thing which when the chips are down commands mens' loyalties, and to deny this is to invite destruction when that day comes and the chips are down, and we see how our group is small, and full of old traitors who probably despise themselves more than they care to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism! Diversity!

Oh what Fun.


Anonymous said...

There is already strain between the Asian community and blacks, been for some time.

Deep down the Asians know the Blacks can kick their arses with one hand tied behind there back and hate them (the Blacks) for the feelings of emasculation that the Blacks remind them of.

Thanks for reporting on this story. Shame on the MSM.

Glade the men were cleared.


alas said...

Here these three men are described as 'Allahs' soldiers' by protestors against the court's verdict - how very reassuring.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but find this whole piece completely ridiculous. What happened that night was tragic. The individuals that were tried were guilty. I know one of them personally and i can assure you..they were out for trouble.
Perhaps the three young men that lost their lives were too. Either way that night ended with three men dead and eight lives ruined..not to mention the pain of the families on both sides.
The only reason race matters within our society is because we continue to teach our children that it should be..which is utter rubbish. When the chips are down people are people. The only ones who don't believe that are the ignorant ones on both sides. How dare you judge people in such a are the problem with this society . I say this as an English woman that belongs to no religion. You will never truly understand the depths of this because you are tainted by outdated beliefs that you should be ashamed of. I understand that you are just a product of your environment, clearly your parents didn't raise you very well.. And you in turn will raise your children to hate. Its pathetic..and again tragic.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

OK, so we have a negro uprising against the indigenous population. The negroes go on the rampage, looting, burning and destroying everything they can. The population then divides up along ethnic lines, forming vigilante bands who go around committing crimes. But somehow evil whitey is to blame for all this?

You are so obviously a pitiful product of the brainwashing that passes for British education these days, taught to feel that your own natural instinct to wish to live among your own kind is somehow evil and must be repressed.

Scientific research has shown that people inevitably empathise more greatly with those who are genetically similar to them. Type "genetic basis for empathy" in the search field here to see relevant links. The behaviour of the different ethnic groups during the rioting demonstrated this very clearly.

All ethnic groups in the world vigorously and unabashedly pursue their own interests. Only brainwashed Europeans think they somehow have to pursue everyone else's interests.

No, it is people like you who are the problem in our society. You are handing our country over to an alien horde. 150 years from now, if things continue as they are at present, there will scarcely be any vestige of Britishness left. Your descendants will live in a nightmare Britain, a persecuted minority in what used to be their own country. And you will be responsible for it. They will curse your memory.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine any real basis for such an hypothetical "uprising". Unless perhaps it was response to racist attacks. Which are equally unacceptable.
There is no such thing as evil whitey...but as i said, there is ignorance on both sides. Not there needs to be sides at all.

My opinions are were not formed from our educational system. But from an upbringing that taught me the value of all life. No one life is any more or any less than another..regardless of their faith, their skin tone, ethnic background or any other difference you wish to point out.
Clearly i lack the natural instinct that you mentioned. Perhaps its evolution.

Having read the articles you suggested i wouldn't dream of disputing there scientific merit. I would however be interested in seeing how young children (without an understanding of the differences of creed) or mixed race individuals score.
But Im a little confused as to how those articles can be used in the justification of hatred?

I do not feel that we have to pursue anyone else's interests. But i do believe we should be respectful to others and endeavour to live a harmonious life. Not at the cost of our culture, or anyone else's.

From your response i can see that you are a bright person and take enough time to reach your cause. But understand that despite the fact i inherently disagree with your stance, i still see you as an individual. I don't know you, perhaps you or those you love have been persecuted, bullied or abused by people of a different race.
Perhaps while my memory is being cursed those who miss you when you have passed will remember your kindness or sense of humour rather than hatred.
Who knows? But your not evil whitey...your a person who was given a name at birth by parents who wished you a life without pain and suffering. Just like everyone else born under this sky.

Forgive me if this is badly written, its late. But i suppose the point Im making is, do not mistake kindness or tolerance for is not. Hatred on the hand will destroy you as well as everyone else.

Anonymous said...

wat a crock of shit 3 men dead and many lives left devasated n no 1 to blame accept ignorance from people not black asian or white just people.

Anonymous said...

mate the 8 people accused of the murders were black AND WHITE

Anonymous said...

well said!

Anonymous said...

i cant believe people can be so foolish if your car was being attacked by 50 plus people regardless of colour etc what would you do sit there and wait to be killed or close your eyes put your foot down and hope for the best there were other cars attacked that night too one of them a women on her own another a man that smiled at the crowd i know this case better than any of you i have sat in the court room and listened to all the evidence the police allowed the people attacking the cars to walk away without consquence why? what if you had been on that road that night with your children in the back of your car and your windscreen was smashed or worse would you just sit there? the driver admitted his part and also informed the court that he didnt know the other defendents it was NOT planned now 8 men have to listen to shit that the papers print? 12 people found them innocent thats because they were privy to information that non of you have heard think about it folks....

Anonymous said...

12 people found them innocent you havnt heard the evidence that they did and you have stated that people shouldnt judge actually you just did yes it was tragic but if you stood in the road and got knocked down the driver wouldnt be prosicuted it would be your own fault if you were attacking cars you would be arressted why werent these people your right that both sides have had their lives ruined by people like you that condemn without all of the information

Anonymous said...

well put

Anonymous said...

yeah i totally understand if u re been attacked u will do anything 2 protect ureself but if 3 people die who is held accountable, in this case no1,is this fair 2 the familes plain n simple the answer is wat happens now 3 families left devasated.

Anonymous said...

thanks to who ever u r tht sat in the court room ans saw the truth come out now unless u was there keep ur comments to urself i was there saw it all and these 8 men were found not guilty by 12 strangers now let these boys rest in peace

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