Friday, 13 July 2012

Jihad Watch has just published an article I've written about some aspects and figures of Italian counterjihad, "Let's Save the Christians" Demonstration in Rome on July 18

On July 18th the national demonstration “Salviamo i Cristiani” (Let's Save the Christians), organized by the Association by the same name, will be held in Rome. The city's Mayor Gianni Alemanno will also attend.

A similar protest on July 4th 2007, against the rising violence against Christians in Iraq and other Muslim-majority countries, had been organized in Rome by the former Muslim human rights campaigner Magdi Cristiano Allam who, along with his wife Valentina Colombo, will be a speaker at SION's International Freedom Defense Congress in New York on September 11. That demo saw the participation of the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Muslim MP Souad Sbai, Rome's Jewish Community representative Riccardo Pacifici, and about a hundred members of the Italian Parliament of various political orientations.

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By Enza Ferreri


Anonymous said...

DP111 said..

Enza Ferreri

Thank you for posting this article. Please do as much as you can for Christians facing brutal and systematic persecution in Islamic countries.

Italy is the one country in Europe that has not succumbed to the pantheism/paganism of multiculturalism.

I really love Italy. Go there regularly for the last 30 years.

Nordlys said...

Because you don't live in Italy. Italians are al cowards that say 'there is not place for muslims in Italy' and at the same time they kiss feet to muslims immigrant. Italians are dhimmies with big mouth.

Neil Bridgewater said...

Multiculturalism is academically designed by the UN to evolve humanity and raise up traditionally isolated socioeconomic groups with strength in diversity, is traditional Islam the only barrier to homogenised equality or are the Mohomadans just a representation of slaves to the pre Christian roman pantheon who refuse equality with sickly minority groups such as the Gays, drug liberals and socially anarchistic ecco- terrorists.

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