Tuesday, 3 July 2012
Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden party has begun operating a market that provides free food packages to needy people provided they have ‘Greek blood’, CNNTürk reported Monday.

‘This market is open to people who come from Greek blood. There are many people who have Greek citizenship (but do not have Greek blood)’, a party official said, reports daily Hurriyet.

‘You do not have to be a Golden Dawn member. If you are ethnically Greek, you can come to us and we will help you.’

The reason for the country’s unemployment is immigration to the country, according to Ilias Panagiotaros, a deputy from the Golden Dawn.

‘Some 1.5 million Greeks are jobless’, Panagiotaros said.

‘Immigrants who have come from third-world countries are working instead of them.’

Several food companies in Greece are now providing food aid to people who cannot afford groceries due to the heavy economic crisis.

Golden Dawn are also setting up a blood bank for medical use which can only be accessed by ethnic Greeks.

Source: Alerta Digital


Passer by said...

One of the ways for the Right to grow is through militias, similar to the Shia militias that are protecting Shia muslims from Sunni muslim attacks. These militias are state within the state, provide social services, neighborhood watch, take care of families of murdered people. They take care of their own. Iraq's Mahdi Army did a very good job to protect Shia interests and turn Baghdad into Shia city. When the government abdicates of its duties, people start to self-organize.

Vince said...

And this is only the beginning to what may turn out to be a very nasty future in Greece. It should be a lesson to us all. We need to wrestle the immigration, integration and Muslim debate away from extremists. I openly object to such policies as this, from a clearly racist and violent group of individuals. It discounts any established non Greek immigrants that play by the rules and are equally affected by the economic catastrophe.

However when you import the third world en masse you in turn become the third world. GreeKs waiting for food and bare essentials, reminds me of scenes from war torn Somalia or flood ridden Pakistan, not the birthplace of democracy.

I think the person above me is very apt in his analogy. I myself was going to use Hamas and it's programme of social welfare in the gaza strip as an example of militias/extremists getting not only a foothold but a loyal grassroots following.

End of the day ordinary Greeks that are tired,poor and hungry will see these guys as the good guys. They may unwillingly be politicised, when this group connects to some of the underlying and existing sentiments amongst the populace. Golden Dawn are only saying what Many people are thinking, and it's only because they are really the only ones saying it that they receive such support.

I feel if the mainstream conservatives or whoever were to actually deal with the issues, support may evaporate. It's like in the uk with the conservatives and ukip on the euro question. Its through not dealing with the question that's causing restlessness on the back benches and defections to ukip by both voters and mps.

alas said...

hmm this is why I do not know whether to support Golden Dawn. On one hand they are against all who are not 'ethnic Greeks' - so presumably Italians, Spanish, British, etc. But then they single out the third world immigration as a problem. If they were against third world but not other Europeans, then I would support them, if you have to prove your ancestry goes back to Alexander the Great, then I do not.

Anonymous said...

I think they support all European Christians, it's just third worlders and muslims ("ethnic" Albanians) that they object to.

They may also consider Bulgarians as third worlders too, which is a shame as they're very lovely people who try to do what's right generally. They keep better control of their children than pakis and mussulmans that's for sure.

I wish they'd clarify; however, I'm sure Spaniards/Britons/Italians require any assistance in Greece the way that the Greeks do.

Anonymous said...

In re Bulgarians: The Greeks know very well that the Bulgarian people are European, however keep in mind that the "Bulgarian" aliens in Greece are virtually all gypsies escaping discrimination in their native Bulgaria. You will never see "white" Bulgarians, save for tourists, in Greece. The same can be said for the Romanians- where gypsies mixed with locals under that great democrat Ceausescu.

Anonymous said...

The Golden Dawn is not only a party for Greeks- but also for Philhellenes ie friends of the Greeks; and are not Nazi; rather it is a Greek EMPOWERMENT movement wich draws from classical, Byzantine and modern Greek history and personalities. Why is it that any movement or leader who tries to raise the pride of his people is immediately tagged a nazi? even the black leader of the Nation Islam Louis Farrakhan has bee labeled a Hitler by the Levantine-biased press.

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