Wednesday, 18 July 2012
This is what happens to those who dare to lift their heads above the parapet and resist the European Genocide.
A businesswoman in Sumène, in le Gard, Sybil Vergnes is one of those candidates who are now paying the price of their convictions. The small grocer shop she had, at the end of her village of 1500 inhabitants, has been driven to bankruptcy due to the attacks from leftists who frightened the local population and called for the boycott of her products!

On the night of the 29 to 30 May, the grocery of the FN candidate was smashed in with a ramming vehicle! The armoured glass was broken, the door knocked out of its la porte sortie de ses gonds. As it was an act of pure vandalism – nothing was stolen – the insurance doesn't cover the expense. Total cost to the shopkeeper: 2800 euros in repairs! [...]

Very quickly, in addition to the attacks and insults, a text circulates in her village and the surrounding areas, urging the inhabitants not to visit her mini-market any more. The scenario is well rehearsed. Hairy leftists go door to door presenting a petition calling for a boycott. Their only argument? A slogan: "No F-Hatred here". If the person refuses to sign, the bully-boys switch to intimidation, with reproaches and barely concealed threats of reprisals for those who dare to defy the interdict...

For Sybil, the situation becomes critical: "Those few missing clients were crucial for balancing the budget, paying the expenses and suppliers. The boycott and the intimidation of my clients have resulted in a drastic fall in my turnover. I couldn't pay in June. I had to decide to leave the business to my partner..." The shop is now just ticking over. Collateral damage, the small local suppliers for whom this mini-market was an important outlet are left with their vegetables, jam and salt meats unsold."
Source: Salon Beige Via: Fdesouche


Anonymous said...

What's the difference from what they do to Christian shopkeepers in Egypt, and what they did on the Kristallnacht?

Terrible about this attack on her. Am sure she will be a good candidate for the blue Marine, turning personal, and national, disaster into personal and national success for the French and European natives.

BTW, OFF topic, BBC

BBC is taking the opportunity to get
shocked that a Japanese
women's Olympics team has been flying a lower class than the men on same flight.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Yes, I was struck by the similarity with the tactics Muslims are currently using to get the women to cover up in Tunisia, etc.

Anonymous said...

The brain-dead left make the inbred muslims look half clever. Do they not realise what fate befell their like minded useful idiots in Iran once the koranimals seized power?
Paris Claims

alas said...

How can the inhabitants here allow such vile behaviour to happen? One would expect a small community such as this where everyone knows each other, would band together and support one of their own being attacked and threatened with violence for political beliefs. As was shown in the past election the FN is not an unpopular party and I expect FN supporters or anyone sympathetic to help this poor individual out and show the rest of the country that FN supporters are good people, with community spirit, and allow the contrast between those barbaric lefties to appear for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Killing Free enterprise is what the left do best.

Anonymous said...

The left will be the undoing of themselves they are brainwashed retards, Our time will come to push back and it won't be pretty but necessary.

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