Monday, 23 July 2012
A participant in the organisation of a festival that took place this week-end in Viviez, a young woman, originally from Morocco, and domiciled in Decazeville, was violently attacked by a group of seven men on Friday night.

While she was driving home, the woman was blocked in by two other cars, from which her attackers emerged. After having beaten her up, they left without saying anything.

The young woman is then said to have returned home before coming out again to file a complaint and quickly give a description of her attackers. It was while travelling to the police station that the seven individuals blocked her in once more so that they could hit her again.

They are said to have insulted her and, in particular, reproached her as follows: "You are a bad Muslim." And they added: "You are the shame of Islam, because you go to a festival on a day of Ramadan."

Before leaving, they threatened her extensively. At the police station, the police have opened an inquiry.
Source: Midi Libre Via:


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