Monday, 2 July 2012
By 2020 a quarter of the group from which the Army recruits will be members of ethnic minorities, necessitating a revolution in the recruitment process, the man heading reform of the Army has said.

Major-General Nick Carter said in a private address to members of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a copy of which has been seen by The Times: “When we come to recruit the Army of tomorrow, the Army of 2020, some 25 per cent of the cohort whence we recruit will be from ethnic minorities.”

Major-General Carter’s proposed reforms — called Army 2020 — are expected to be unveiled later this week. They will include reform of army structures and the disbanding or amalgamation of some regiments and battalions.

His assessment presents a stark challenge to the Army, particularly in its poor relations with Britain’s Muslim community, which makes up about a third of ethnic minorities in the country and an estimated 4.6 per cent of the total British population but only 0.3 per cent of the armed forces.

In 2011, MoD figures showed there were only 610 practising Muslims in total armed forces of 186,000. General Sir Peter Wall, the head of the Army, told The Times that there had been “several attempts in the past to correct (the balance of ethnic minorities) without startling success . . . Part of this programme (Army 2020) is for us to come up with some new ideas as to how we do it.”

Military sources said that the reforms sought to reposition the Army as a “force for social cohesion”. However, British Muslim community leaders spoken to by The Times said that the legacy of the Iraq and Afghan wars had left lasting suspicion.

A representative of one mainstream Muslim organisation, who would not be named, said: “We value relations with the armed forces but there are various reasons of demotivation (in the Muslim community). The fights they pick internationally, it is not very easy to sell to young people.”

Usama Hasan, from the counter-fundamentalist Quilliam Foundation think-tank, said that anti-British Army feeling was deep-rooted, as was a lingering perception that the Army was institutionally rascist. “A practical objection is that if you join the Army you are going to fight against Muslims,” he said. Mr Hasan said that he was forced to leave his local mosque after he decided to broadcast a message of support for British forces in Helmand.

Professor Mike Clarke, Director of RUSI, said the Army would have to recast itself as a non-discriminating force able to offer social mobility and education.The MoD assesses that 10,010 people in the Army, about 9 per cent, are from ethnic minorities, but this includes soldiers from Commonwealth countries.
Source: The Times (£)

There was a similar story recently about the German army trying to recruit more Turks. The German defence minister, Thomas de Maizière, travelled to Turkey about 10 days ago. Accompanying him were two Turks with German passports who have successfully infiltrated the German military and risen to senior officer positions. The mission's goal was to persuade the Turkish government to waive the Turkish military service requirement for Turks who hold dual Turkish/German nationality and opt to do German military service.

Thomas de Maizière visited the Ataturk Mausoleum, where he inscribed his name in a golden book. There he was met by an honour guard, which he addressed in Turkish thus:
Merhabe asker! [Good Morning Soldiers!]
The officers with him assured everyone that halal food was provided for Muslims in the German military and Muslim burial in case of death.

Although the German military keeps no official record of the proportion of its serving soldiers who are of immigrant origin, inquiries judge this to be around 26%! This compares to 27% in the population as a whole in this age class, so there is almost no underrepresentation whatsoever. Despite this, the German government is making major efforts to Turkify its army a bit more. A catastrophic mistake.

Sources: RP Online, RP Online

Even mainstream figures who are not IslamAware should be able to recognise the folly of islamifying our military formations. There have been many instances of Muslim soldiers in western armies attacking their own comrades. The French military has already gone down this path and paid the price for it with a Muslim mutiny during wartime on the aircraft carrier Foch, as well as many other problems.


alas said...

Damn it! I enjoy watching the military parades because at least I can pretend for a few seconds looking over the sea of white faces that we have not in fact been invaded by hordes of third worlders. Well I guess that is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

The Romans tried this, paying incoming barbarians to defend the empire's frontiers as their own population was shrinking : it didn't turn out well - the barbarians would change sides according to who could pay them more and had no cultural tie to the idea of Rome to incline them to defend it. Rome declined and fell .... oh you've heard .... Could somebody please tell our political masters, they don't study classics anymore it's not relevant apparently.....

Anonymous said...

You see the same thing in Sweden.
The military has gone out they want a multicultural army.

Here's a Swedish article about the Swedish military recruiting in the ghettos/banlieus
(use translating service for the article)

Swedish Police forces has also been recruiting third world savages, they even had to dumb down the tests to get these third world savages into the Police forces, that's how bad the situation is in Europe with the multicult-religion brainwashed goats running the show.

From two swedish anti-islam sites:

I smell Saudi money behind all this.

Anonymous said...

So we are actually planning to set up "Fort Hood" massacres.


Thankfully, as long as we are involved in wars with Muslims, or in Muslim countries, no self-respecting Muslim will join the armed forces.


Anonymous said...

"So we are actually planning to set up "Fort Hood" massacres."


"Thankfully, as long as we are involved in wars with Muslims, or in Muslim countries, no self-respecting Muslim will join the armed forces."

This souldn't be hard. They're asking for it.

Anonymous said...

Western Europe is gone. It deservers to be destroyed by Islam. Cowardly peoples deserve to succume to foriengers and that is the rule of nature. Inferior people do not deserve to biologically exist.

Eastern Europe will rise like a pheonix from the ashes and crush the westerners and middle east. In America we have our plot too, to oust the liberals and leftist heathens and emplace a Christian Democracy and mandatory worship of the christian faith. All other religions will adhere to Christ the savior and if they refuse they shall be deported or turned into slaves. For the power and the kingdom! Forever and ever!

Anonymous said...

LOL my word the west is weak. I sense the stupidity and naïve nature of the west and it is their downfall. The Islamic world will make a great opportunity of this to change the demographics..... and then use their training to get rid of us...good work Europe! Brilliant idea.

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