Wednesday, 25 July 2012
Threats, clashes and gatherings of "jeunes" are shaking day-to-day life in certain districts, especially those in Brussels

The period of Ramadan is bringing its share of tensions and incidents in the streets of Brussels. It has only been six days since the month characterised by the Muslim fast has begun. However, the local police in Moelenbeek has already received threats in relation to this period - indirect, it is true - of attacks against public buildings. “These threats involved the possibility of grenades being launched at a police station in Moelenbeek or any other public building such as the town hall or community centre.”

Threats which were taken very seriously. Suddenly, at the end of last week and this weekend, the western police zone raised its state of alert and reinforced its security regime. "We were all on guard. Police numbers were reinforced on the ground as well as technical resources, like cameras, to observe any excesses."

At the time of writing, the regime has nonetheless been lifted, given that the threats have not been acted upon.

In Schaerbeek, the afternoons ends in a rather stormy manner in the Pavillon district between Liedts square and la Cage aux Ours, known as a gathering point for rival gangs. “Every Ramadan, it's the same” , says Ahmed, the manager of the sports shop whose window was struck by gunfire this Monday, around 5.30 pm. "Two stirred-up gangs of 'jeunes' openly fired at one another. Some of them fled into my street. My shop is just collateral damage..."

...Abdelkader was present on the scene on Sunday and confirms that there were indeed clashes. “Two men were driving on motorbike and one of them was firing in the air. Two police cars were there and not one moved...Are they waiting for someone to be wounded before acting?"

In the eyes of the "jeunes" who gather daily in the square, the police are responsible for stoking the tensions. “During Ramadan, we stay in the gange because the fast is very hard physically and so we stick together. But once there are more than five of us, the police do identity checks with an order to disperse. They play on the nerves of the "jeunes" with provocative phrases like My dog is hungry, says one young man.
Source: DHNET


Anonymous said...

Ramadan 2012 Death Count (day 5) - 728

Ramadan 2011 Death Count: 2,042 ( 52.5%)

Ramadan 2010 Death Count: 1,339 ( 6.3%)

Ramadan 2009 Death Count: 1,260

Happy Ramadan all.

Mamoud Abbas said...

You must nip these s h i t eating flies in the bud before they get hungry for Belgian flesh.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Police officer caused major terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke

PC Hatef Nezami, 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a device was placed in a busy port.

Specialist terrorism staff were so concerned by the call's authentic nature that they started preparing for a full terrorist attack.

The constable, who has completed a regional Special Branch terrorism course, said that a bomb was on a Condor ferry based in Poole, Dorset.

In just one para there are so many alerts, it is hard why the idiots in high office cannot see them.

1. PC Hatef Nezami - he must be celebrating Ramadan at the moment.

2. He was chosen for an anti-terrorism course. Wonderful, now he knows the procedures

3. He says he made the bomb threat as a joke. Sure.

This, coming from police officer is carrying credulity to new depths.

Question - Any reason people can think off why he made a bomb threat?

So far he not been charged. Why?

There far more serious implications in this case then meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

No one who knows what islam is, would ever put a muslim in any position of authority.

We dont just have traitors in our midst, being muslims, we have the traitors that put them into jobs that actually help them in their agenda.

Anonymous said...

The day Islam is wiped form the face of this Earth is day we can all celebrate and enjoy. This ideology (it's not a religion), is pure evil by default. The way they treat non-islamics, animals (halal slaughter), and anyone who 'defies' their beliefs is nothing but pure evil of which Satan himself would be proud. We in the West must stand up to this 7th century aggressor and destroy it for what it is - a backward, un-educated barbaric way of life that has no place in modern society.

Anonymous said...

We have alternatives. And we have a nuclear arsenal. They want total jihad? Well, why not let them have it, only the once, for all the marbles, no hudna, no prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Burn the books and bulldoze the mosques and "there will be peace in our time"

BunBun4life said...

PLEASE if some shitbag got hit by a drone during ramadam they'd be screeching and wailing like fucking BANSHEES about how evil we are to attack them during fuckragadag holiday.
Even though they go OUT OF THEIR FUCKING WAY to attack in Nigeria on EASTER, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS EVE, and also places like Iran set up their 'christian pastor arrests' for christmas as well. FUCK me, if I found out I was terminally ill with a month to live, I would take muzzies out with me, fuck it.

I despise these filthy creatures, they are not even HUMAN.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Meowchies Hideout said...

My curiosity to know more about Ramadan brought me here. Thanks for sharing and wish you a blessed year :)

Minhal Mehdi said...

Happy ramadan 2015 to everyone

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