Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Some time ago I heard Baroness Warsi, the Muslim who is co-Chairman of the British Conservative Party, on a TV program saying how charity is a duty for all Muslims.

As it often happens in these cases, she omitted to say that the meaning of "charity" in Islam is different from ours: charity is considered a duty only to other Muslims, as the Pakistani Christians well knew when, during the floods that devastated their country in 2010, they faced systematic discrimination in the distribution of aid - donated by the historically Christian West - essential to survival.

By that omission Warsi managed to convey an impression of Muslim ethical virtues completely different from reality.

Now that we have learnt that her business partner, Abid Hussain, is a former activist with a radical Islamic group who has a conviction for violence, it makes me wonder.

Warsi is the type of self-proclaimed "moderate" Muslim, the media-friendly face of Islam from whom Western leaders and populations alike learn their lessons on this religion foreign to them.

Are we sure that people and politicians have chosen for themselves the right teachers?

By Enza Ferreri


Anonymous said...

Of course Muslims will grab all the aid that the Christian West provides

1. They are the chosen of allah, while Infidels are despised by allah.

2. Allah makes Christians give to Muslims, as it ordained - see 1).

Then again, when Christians go out to suffering Muslims, who till then had been ignored by Muslims, they are set upon and even killed for trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.

#1 is one possible explanation. That is, Muslims have achieved the highest status in the world. They cannot be seen to be accepting, in person, charity from Christians. Therefore, all aid from the Christian West has to pass through Muslim hands. Then appearances, and the ordained order, is seen to be maintained.


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