Wednesday, 27 June 2012

...that I feel like an African and am almost tempted to convert to Islam. I understand what Churchill meant when he wrote "Mohammedanism ... appears to possess a strange fascination for negroid races." It's so hot you can hardly move or work. Suddenly, I grasp the bizarre spirit of lethargy that seems to afflict all Mahometans. This is a hot climate religion that grants a special religious sanction to dossing around all day - "praying" - instead of working. I miss the rain of Scotland...


Anonymous said...

No....please don't!

I noticed they warned of high temperatures in Spain recently.

Just imagine the fresh Scottish rain, cooler, fresher air :) More easily imaginable than ever, when the temperatures hit the 40ies.

Did you notice the one who used to be a Norwegian, who converted, got AQ-training, and now probably is awaiting orders to attack in Europe? He is no longer worthy of being called a European. Let's hope he stays in Yemen.

Caturo said...

And I wonder why so many British people seem to love the heat, thus toasting their skins on the beach until they get red like blood. That can be seen a lot here in Portugal. Also, English pubs and restaurants are extremely hot inside. Actually, most of the people, British or not, seem to enjoy high temperatures, while a fresh cold air is so much more confortable (and less conductive to violent crimminality, apparently).

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