Friday, 29 June 2012
In Britain Gallery, I briefly discuss immigration to the UK, this alarming juggernaut which is crushing Britain.

England is now, due to immigration, the sixth most densely populated nation in the world, and 13% of people living in England were born outside the UK.

The UK, like so many other Western European countries, has fallen victim to what is called "the tragedy of the commons".

The tragedy of the commons is the reason why, for example, streets are always much dirtier than house floors, and why people behave in and treat public places in ways that they would not dream of repeating at home, like throwing litter on the pavement (the street's "floor").

This is also why green spaces and natural habitats are generally better protected when they have a private owner than when they are "common".

The tragedy of the commons is that, if something belongs to everybody, nobody cares too much about it and looks after it properly because nobody feels that that something is his or hers, really.

The UK's mass, unrestricted immigration has many different causes - and bad policies by politicians who have not taken care of the interests of their people are obviously the main culprit - but it has been made possible by the tragedy of the commons too: considering one's country differently from one's home.

Invading someone else's country is not dissimilar to invading someone else's home.

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By Enza Ferreri


Bluepanic said...

Soft-touch Britain, the asylum seeker capital of Europe: We let in more than anyone else last year

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Islam is a cancer, stop immigration of Muslims, ban the freaky burqa, destroy & burn their mosques & expell them from our cities, is the answer ! Muslims only contribute crime & violence !

We don't need them in the UK !
Before its too late & democracy goes to hell !!!

USCIS GOV said...

We can't deny the fact that there are large number of immigrants in our country but it is also not appropriate to discriminate them right? We must respect their beliefs and culture. Lets do it in a legal way.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a wart on the asshole of mankind & should be controlled in the UK. End of.

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