Friday, 29 June 2012
The parents of a girl said to have been groomed and sold for sex to restaurant workers told a court yesterday how they fought a vain battle for three years for action against her abusers.

They described how the shy, happy 13-year-old became a girl so troubled that they sought help from her school, the NHS, police and social services.

A jury at Stafford Crown Court heard that the men accused of sexually exploiting the girl were not arrested until December 2009, three years after her parents raised concerns.

The girl was said to have been given a diet of alcohol and drugs by men who regarded her as “a commodity” to be sold to staff in takeaway food outlets in Telford, Shropshire. She is one of four girls allegedly targeted by two brothers, Ahdel Ali and Mubarek Ali.

The court was told that the girl fell into bad company after the family returned from a British military base overseas, and by 14 was drinking, smoking cannabis and staying out overnight. Her mother said that she and her husband “went to all sorts of agencies, trying to get help”.

They confiscated their daughter’s mobile and began following her and noting the registration numbers of cars she got into.

She was horrified when her daughter became pregnant at 16. The girl wrote down the names of five possible fathers, including both Ali brothers.

Ahdel Ali denies rape, 11 counts of sexual activity with a child and various charges of controlling child prostitution. His brother denies four counts of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking a child and one charge of causing child prostitution.
The case continues.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

But what were the police doing?

And what about those ever so vigilant social services?

Never mind. Nothing will happen to them, as possibly they have issued a corporate statement, "Lessons learned and such events will never happen again".

Anonymous said...

The father should have got all his family and friends together and beaten the crap out of those filthy pakis. I KNOW I would have. They'd be begging to go to prison.

Vince said...

The point is however most people do not turn to violence or vigilantism. Most ordinary folk believe the state is their to protect them, indeed surely it is it's responsibility. Secondly what could a few mild mannered middle aged men done against an organised gang of young criminals? There was a story of an ex boxer in Leeds?? That punched an Asian guy for allegedly grooming his young cousin. They then went and shot him in the face and killed him.

It may get to the stage were people are forced to turn to vigilante groups for protection. If it was myself however I would have taken the law into my own hands.

The issue I raised is a scary one. As paul Weston described, the demographic shift only has to put the muslim population at a figure of 20-30% to cause serious damage to the uk. If in that percentage you have say 3 million men of fighting age and the will to commit violence, equally you would need million from the other 70-80% of similar age and capability.

Somehow i don't see educated middle England rising to the task. If the majority of the population are mild mannered accountants, solicitors etc. If we look at that case were those Somali girls beat up that white girl in leicester, her bf was unable to protect her. The young man could not fend off a bunch of girls.

Michael savage has some good views on the immasculation of society, through feminism and liberalism

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

A Muslim population of 15% would warp any country through the ballot box effect alone.

I think Paul Weston's comments about fighting age are a bit off. Men fought in the Roman legions into their 40s. In any case, we don't fight with swords any more. It doesn't take much physical strength to pull a trigger. The real problem is that we are denied the means of defending ourselves by our government.

I imagine the illegal smuggling of weapons will become widespread once chaos starts to descend.

Vince said...

Especially in the uk were our voting system favours large concentrations of voters within one area voting the same way, as we have just seen with George Galloway. In Europe, if the situation was becoming bad, the majority of the population could Still sway the vote in favour of one party.

The fighting age issue, was really because
weaponry ie guns aren't widespread, but as you said guns would find there way to the particular factions.

The hope is that we never get to that stage. But I don't see how it will realistically get turned around. Theoretically there are many ways for everything to turn out fine, but the reality of it is quite different.

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