Thursday, 21 June 2012

This took place last Saturday. The leftists and Muslims start by drowning out the speakers from the anti-Islam party Die Freiheit (Freedom). At first you might think they were just ordinary Germans. Then they start chanting about the "Internationale". Later, they progress to physically harassing and attacking the Freiheit speakers and trying to steal their stuff. 

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

Monkey mad, monkey kick: see 6:10 - I bet that easterling never got to pay for that attack!
But otherwise, even though I don't understand a word.. Pretty nice job German police!

Also, those easterlings sound like apes throughout the video.

Muslim and PROUD said...

Good on the protesters! Damn great job of drowning out the filthy ignorant hate coming from those disgusting fascist scum. Humanity 1 Hate 0.

One Finn With A Mean Opinion said...

Humanity? Humanity is pretty far from what I saw the easterlings portray in that video. Reminds me more of Animal Kingdom.

First of all, the apeshit -behaviour in the crowd, they look like nothing more than monkeys. (minus slinging their own shit at the white folk)

Second, kicking an older man in the back.. Wait, let me rephrase that *TRYING TO KICK. The sandnigger didn't even know how to do that. Filty muslim.

Death before dishonour, free Nordic countries.

Anonymous said...

The Answer For All This Apes: 9mm Para..

Sara El Kady said...

What was this guy saying? and how do we know that these were 'muslims'?

Anonymous said...

"Nordic" countries - you are setting up policies to allow Muslims in. You enabled them in WWII. Get rid of the Euro chains.

Unknown said...

Dear Lord these Commies are like a troop of screeching demons. Nurenburg? Oh the irony.

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