Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Muslim marriages are causing problems across Europe. Third-worlders, it seems, feel the need to celebrate weddings in ways most civilised Europeans would consider outrageous. For example, it is common for Muslims to drive around in large vehicle convoys, beeping their horns, hanging out of the doors, disregarding all the rules of the road, while shouting at passersby. There was even one case where gunfire was reported (not this one). I have seen reports like this from various countries in Europe, but it seems to be especially prevalent in France.

This one ended with the deployment of a major police battalion and the use of tear gas after a couple of policemen initially tried to book the Muslims (Algerians) for traffic violations and the Muslims resisted their authority.

The incident occurred in Nancy, France.

Brussels police have decided to crack down on the same problem. From now on, all marriages will be subject to special police attention in Brussels. Again, this may be a sign that either the police themselves or the politicians have decided to get a bit tougher on the Muslims there. Rather late in the day for that, I'm afraid.

Source: RTL

Here is footage from a Muslim wedding in Brussels earlier this year.


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Occupying space

Telling natives to move over

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