Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Moroccan minister for Moroccans Living Abroad, Abdellatif Mâazouz, is pressing governments in Europe to make the teaching of Arabic a standard part of the European school curriculum.
For several months he and his governement have been undertaking a veritable cultural offensive to impose the Arabic language in the educational curricula of European countries, alongside English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and/or Mandarin.

"A special effort is made on the cultural level and on the level of language teaching..." explains the minister. His activism is starting to bear fruit, as he insists the "voice [of the Moroccan government] is starting to be heard, especially in France, which will soon announce something in this vein," even going on to enlarge his listening audience to "the EU too".

...The objective is that young people of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations remain attached to Morocco not only in their thoughts and hearts, but through culture," explains the minister.

...For the idea of teaching Arabic as a foreign language to hit the target, the strategy of the minister is simple:
"We sell the idea that there are almost 4 million Moroccans living in Europe, 600 million Arabic-speakers across the world, and that Europeans and others must know this language, even if only to get to know some of their citizens better," he argues.

The Moroccan diplomat's communication tactic is effective since, based on the figures, and highlighting the mutual interests of the Arab and European countries, it reinforces the legitimacy of the demand that Arabic be included in the European educational curricula. It also justifies sending regular contingents of teachers of Arabic and Moroccan culture to Europe, especially France.
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Anonymous said...

This is nothing short of occupation and old-fashioned colonising the way we know it from centuries and centuries back in the Middle East.

Reading about it in the history books, you might get the impression that it all happened over a short time. Now we come to realize that it happens one step at a time, and it happens before our eyes!

Anonymous said...

Moroccans living abroad, like the new minister in France, Belkacem? "Women's rights minister"

Anonymous said...

I've already got a bit of the language.

Moon God, Jihad, Death, Infidel, Hate, Behead, Roadside bomb, Kaffir, Kill, Suicide vest....

Anonymous said...

F*** off Morocco.

Anonymous said...

Of course Moroccans don't speak Arabic, most speak Moroccan Darja (spellings vary) which has a similar relation to Arabic as French does to Latin. Or they speak some kind of Berber which is no closer to Arabic than French is to Russian.

alas said...

At least if the Moroccans living in France know how to speak Arabic they will hopefully have more connection with Morocco, and so will either A) be more likely to go back to their country, especially as it gets richer in comparison with France, or B) stay in France but be less assimilable which would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The (un)culture is in the language. Therefore, by teaching Arabic in Europe, they will export more sharia into Europe. Steadily building.

Anonymous said...

What is the language for? The oil they have will soon run out and other business deal is either in English, other European languages or Japanese or Chinese.
Unless the European will convert to islam and need to recite quran then they need to learn arabic.
it is foolish idea, not to mention that he will not pay any cent for the matter.

AbdulWahid Hamid said...
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AbdulWahid Hamid said...

Arabic language is spoken in a lot of countries these days. Some countries have made arabic language compulsory in schools. Arabic language can be of great use for a person as it helps you in studying the vast muslim heritage and culture. By learning arabic language you will easily be able to read the holy quran and other islamic books

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