Sunday, 17 June 2012

Every Sunday now seems to bring a new volley of accusations against Warsi. Yet still her ship sails on - because rules don't apply to Muslims, right?

She personally paid for potential customers, one of whom was in negotiations over a deal with her firm, to attend a Conservative Party lunch with the Prime Minister last month.

...The Sunday Telegraph has also learnt that her business partner, Abid Hussain, a former activist with a radical Islamic group who has a conviction for violence, secured an invitation to meet David Cameron at Downing Street, raising questions over the Prime Minister’s security.

The latest revelations concern the launch of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan, in the Savoy Hotel, central London, last month. The guests of honour were Mr Cameron and Yousuf Raza Gilani, the Pakistani prime minister.

Lady Warsi paid a total of £5,000 for two tables at the event. Guests on one table included her parents, sisters, and others involved in the family’s Dewsbury-based bed manufacturing business.

She “hosted” another table, made up of clients and staff from “Rupert’s Recipes”, although she sat on the VIP table.

The guests’ names were supplied to the Conservative Party by Lady Warsi’s husband, Iftikhar Azam, from his Rupert’s Recipes email address. Rupert’s Recipes describes itself as a “one stop shop for bespoke ingredients” for breaded chicken, fish batter, meat marinades and kebab seasoning.

Who is Rupert, I wonder? Can someone please track down Rupert and ask him how he feels about his recipes being used by a bunch of sick Pakis? Note all the fast-food operators. I wonder if there were any "grooming" specialists in there.
As well as Mr Azam, the table included Mr Hussain, Mohammed Johngir Saddiq, and Fareed Nasir. Mr Nasir is the founder of Chunky Chicken, a chain of 19 fast food restaurants, mainly in the Midlands and North West. He said he was invited to the event by Mr Azam as they were “working closely” about a possible deal.

“We are trying to do some work with Rupert’s Recipes, we are not using their spices at the moment but we have had some samples,” he said. He added that he is not a member of the Conservative Party and has not donated money. Mr Saddiq runs Big John’s, a chain of 15 takeaway shops in and around Birmingham, worth £19.5 million.

His business claims to have been the country’s first “drive thru” fish and chip shop and offers “the nation’s biggest pizza”. He declined to comment on the function.
Other guests included a halal meat supplier, and men believed to be Pakistani restaurateurs.

Lady Warsi personally vouched for the table’s guests, meaning they were exempt from checks carried out by the party’s internal compliance team, which verifies that guests can legitimately make donations to the party.
Source: Telegraph

The Hizb ut-Tahrir business partner and family member has a conviction for violence and got up close and personal with Dave.
here are also questions over Mr Hussain, who met Mr Cameron at a Downing Street reception in November 2010 at which Lady Warsi was also present.
He has been closely involved with the Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir, which Mr Cameron pledged to ban while in opposition. Mr Hussain, 42, was first involved with the extremists in the early 1990s, and backed them at meetings after the July 7 bombings in 2005. He also has a conviction for an assault, committed when he was 17. His lawyers confirmed that he was convicted of actual bodily harm in 1988 or 1989 and sentenced to three months in a young offenders institution.

They said that the conviction is now “spent” and its disclosure has “no legitimate …public interest”.

However, it would have been relevant to his presence in Downing Street as it raises serious security questions about whether he was fully vetted.

There's more on her corrupt use of office to advance her business interests with the Hizb ut-Tahrir member in the Sunday Times. Note the Sunday Times doesn't even see fit to mention that he is a member of this group.
BARONESS WARSI, the co-chairman of the Conservative party, faces fresh questions over a blurring of her personal interests and her official duties after she promoted a private holiday development during a government trip to Pakistan.

The cabinet minister was photographed alongside a millionaire entrepreneur who is a friend of her business partner, Abid Hussain, as she opened the luxury resort. Her image has since been used on the resort’s website to attract British clients.

Warsi is already being investigated by Sir Alex Allan, the ministerial watchdog, for taking Hussain on an official visit to Pakistan without declaring their joint stake in a Sheffield-based food company.

Warsi opened the holiday complex on July 17, 2010, a month after joining the cabinet. That morning she attended an “outreach” event at the Hilton hotel in Mirpur with Adam Thomson, the British high commissioner.

She told David Cameron earlier this month that Hussain had also been present because he was a member of the Pakistani diaspora who “provided advice and support”.

However, later the same day Warsi took Thomson and other officials at taxpayers’ expense to cut a ceremonial ribbon at the Mirpur Apartments. The complex, which has a pool, gym and mosque, is aimed at British tourists of Pakistani origin.

The apartments are part of the Valley Homes development owned by Zafar Anwar, a Pakistani entrepreneur. Hussain and Anwar are “very close friends”, according to informed sources.

The first entry on an online guest book for Mirpur Apartments has been written by “Mr & Mrs Barrister Abid, London, United Kingdom”. Hussain, of Walthamstow, east London, is commonly known as “Barrister Abid” even though the Bar Council has no record of his qualifying.

The Mirpur Apartments complex is linked to a company in Ilford, east London. On Friday, Abbas Zahoor, a director, initially said it was “a partnership” with Valley Homes and Anwar. Yesterday the resort’s website was taken down.

Hussain denies having a financial interest in Valley Homes or Mirpur Apartments. Anwar did not return calls. A spokesman for Warsi said her attendance at the inauguration was a matter of public record. “She has no business interests in Pakistan,” he said.
Source: Sunday Times (£)


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