Sunday, 17 June 2012
Miss Maréchal-Le Pen, a law undergraduate, came top in her constituency in the southeastern Vaucluse department wtih 49.09 per cent of the vote after a rival Socialist refused to bow out to her mainstream Right rival.

Her grandfather, who founded the anti-immigrant, anti-EU party and turns 84 this week, was by her side last night to toast her victory. His party won 35 seats in 1986 only to lose them all after proportional representation was scrapped. It had only one other since, in 1997, but the result was cancelled shortly afterwards.

"I am happy to the spokeswoman for this French youth that tomorrow will be spearhead new hope in the shape of the National Front," she said from the Provençal town of Carpentras. "6.4 million French voters have already joined us (in presidential elections) and it's just the beginning."

Family celebrations among France's far-Right dynasty were slightly marred however by the fact that Marine Le Pen, Mr Le Pen's daughter and FN leader, lost a bitterly close battle in the constituency of Hénin Beaumont in the northern Pas de Calais. Miss Le Pen lost by just 118 votes to a Socialist, and called for a recount.

Despite her personal defeat, the FN leader described her niece's entrance into parliament as a "huge success" for her party that had "finally smashed a glass ceiling in place for the past 25 years".

"The new make-up of (French) political life is underway. Tonight the UMP is paying for its ideological contradictions and its political compromises.

Her father said he had mixed feelings. "A part of me is rejoicing and another is in pain," he said.

The other far-Right MP was flamboyant lawyer Gilbert Collard in the southern Gard department.
Source: Telegraph


Anonymous said...

geert wilders is also sometimes described as "flamboyant"; what does the media mean by this?

the left and nazis have a monopoly on "flamboyance", so why tar perfectly respectable right-wing politicians with these myriad epithets (such as far, flamboyant, radical, reactionary, extremist etc)?

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