Tuesday, 19 June 2012
Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, demanded a recount yesterday after suggesting that vote-rigging had played a part in her failure to become an MP.

Mrs Le Pen was defeated by 118 votes in the Hénin-Beaumont constituency near Calais to cast a shadow over what was otherwise a notable success for her party, which won two seats in the National Assembly.

But she claimed that Communist-run councils in the constituency had deprived her of victory through electoral fraud.

“I’m always suspicious when I’ve got communists on the other side,’ she said after losing to Philippe Kemel, the Socialist candidate.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

Communists have never respected the democratic mandate. Its not in the Marxist ideology.

Therefore like Muslims, who will use the freedom to destroy freedom, should not be allowed to stand in elections or even vote.

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