Sunday, 17 June 2012
Patriotism, No Thanks!

Now that the European football championship is underway, some Germans are proudly flying their country's flag and expressing a healthy sense of national pride.

But this is not to the liking of the deranged left, including the Greens and so-called Antifascist groups. These warped people are going around tearing down German flags wherever they see them, such as private homes or the roofs of cars. Once they have removed the offending object, they often leave little homilies behind.

Please save yourselfthe money, and us the work and nature the garage and don't replace this with a new one.

Whatever your motive was in putting up this flag, in every case it produces nationalism.

They even have the sticker shown above: "Patriotism, no thanks!".

Source: Die Welt Via: PI


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