Wednesday, 6 June 2012

While doing an election campaign walkabout in Sartrouville (in the outskirts of Paris) accompanied by the area's deputy mayor, Jacques Myard, a member of the French parliament who represents the mainstream conservative UMP, was aggressively accosted by a djellaba-wearing Muslim on a scooter.
You've got no place here. This is Arab land. This land belongs to the Muslims. It's not French soil. You are racists, Zionists. You need to leave!
The MP attempted to continue walking around, talking to the local people and shaking their hands. As he did, the Muslim addressed them:
Don't shake his hand. He votes for laws against the Arabs. If you shake his hand, I'll come and burn you.

This was a reference to the MP's vote for the burka ban. Myard described what followed on his website:
After attempting to establish a dialogue, but in vain, we continued to distribute our campaign newsletter, this individual continuing to insult, to vilify us and to threaten the shopkeepers who were making us welcome. He also insulted Moïse, who is of African origin, calling him a slave.

It is appropriate to note that a number of persons of North African origin lowered their eyes when confronted with his insults and threats, showing they were afraid!

At no time did we respond to his provocations, although he would have liked nothing better than a confrontation. But clearly there can be no question of giving in when confronted by a person like this. At 12 o' clock, after having distributed more than a hundred newsletters, we let followed by this person who was continuing to shout.

It goes without saying that we cannot let pass these remarks forming part of the radical islamist communitarian tendencies which are unacceptable on our national territory!

As a consequence, we filed a complaint; thanks to the information supplied to the police, the person was arrested the same evening. We formally identified him the next day.

The state prosecutor presented the case immediately before the court. The defence lawyer requested a deferral of the trial until 15 June, which was granted by the court, but he was incarcerated.


Anonymous said...

muslim scum , sad to see no one knocked him silly ...kick all them donkey fuckers out of the country asap

Anonymous said...

What a royal pain in the ass these unwanted ungrateful pack of crazies these muzzies are.
They screwing up the civilized world wherever they go. They come in and tell you to get out.It's their territory now!

Anonymous said...

The Islam Cultural War is taking over Europe and now America.

Only knowledge and working together will win this battle.

The Third Choice by Mark Durie: One choice become Islamic, second a slave, third death. Add one choice if you act now, Freedom.

Culture and Conflict, by P. Salzman: Shows we are in an Islamic Cultural war. The middle is hard so skip that part

The Arab Mind by R. Patai: US military uses this book training their soldiers and officers.

Most can be gotten used for very little try

Anonymous said...

There is no place for Islam in our contemporary World.

We are in an Islamic Cultural War.

Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture. It is a Genocidal War. Or we must change their culture. There is no other choice.

Choose: Freedom or Slavery

You don't believe me read Professor Salzman book, Culture and Conflict. It show in detail why this an Islamic Cultural war.

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