Friday, 15 June 2012

A French comedian who specialises in imitating politicians has just caught out Nadine Morano, a former minister from Sarkozy's UMP party. Pretending to be Marine Le Pen's boyfriend, he called her up and asked if the two parties could come to some arrangement to help one another out in certain constituencies.

Morano was completely taken in. While refusing to commit to a deal there and then, she made a number of revealing remarks.
I think Marine Le Pen has a lot of talent
Talking about the Socialists, she said:
They're going to put us in the shit as always. Because the right and the left aren't the same. They're going to give the vote to foreigners...I don't want my home to turn into Lebanon.

Ignoring the comedy aspects of this, there are various signs that a rapprochement between the UMP and the FN, the mainstream right and the so-called far-right, may be possible in the years to come. If it happens, it will be the first time that the pariah wall sectioning off the anti-genocide "extremists" has been broken down anywhere. This will be an an important signal for the whole of Europe.

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