Wednesday, 27 June 2012

On Saturday the Danish nationalist group Vederfølner held its annual summer party and football cup in Aarhus. It was a great success and ended with a feast of roast suckling pig. (Good to know pork is still being eaten somewhere in Europe!)

Some Antifa zombies came on an expedition to try and disrupt the gathering. Unfortunately, they didn't know their way around the area. So, like total fools, they stumbled around blindly till they found a building they knew had been used for Vederfølner gatherings in the past. Hearing the sound of festivities inside, they assumed they'd found their target and commenced their attack. The results can be seen in the photographs. Unfortunately, these clowns had picked the wrong building and were attacking an innocent family gathering, probably a wedding.

Source: Vederfølner H/T: Gert Eriksson


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