Wednesday, 20 June 2012
'Al Qaeda militant' takes hostages in Toulouse bank

An armed man claiming to be an al Qaeda militant has taken several people hostage in a bank in the southwestern French city of Toulouse, according to a police source.
By News Wires (text)

REUTERS - A French police official says a man has taken hostages in a bank in the southern city of Toulouse and fired a shot.

French television station BFM says the man claims to be linked to al-Qaida. The police official could not confirm this claim.

The official says no injuries have been reported so far. It is unclear how many hostages are held.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak to the media.

The neighborhood around the CIC bank is cordoned off. Toulouse was the site of a rampage against a Jewish school in March that left four dead.

Police say the shooter was Mohamed Merah, a 23-year-old who claimed allegiance to al-Qaida.
Source: France24

The article doesn't say it but the bank is just a couple of streets away from Mohamed Merah's house.

UPDATE: He's now been taken into custody.


Anonymous said...

Quote: AFP - French police stormed a bank in Toulouse Wednesday, arresting a gunman with psychiatric problems who claimed to be an Al-Qaeda militant and freeing his two hostages after a seven-hour siege.

Its always the case. Muslim kill, behead and go on a rampage. Even claim they are following the koran, but the liberal MSM will always try to justify it by "psychiatric problems".

Why dont they just state that the koran itself is a psychiatric problem.

Anonymous said...

"Traumatized since early childhood"

This is the explanation for taking hostages in a bank claiming to be an Al Qaeda-militant

("Nothing to do with islam")

What is it with muslims being traumatized so much that they claim connections to Al Qaeda, go to training camps in islamic countries etc, and then come back to the West and put into action what they've been "studying" among hardcore muslims?

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