Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is facing a storm of criticism from several quarters after using the term "ethnic Swedes" in response to a question about Sweden's high level of unemployment.

“It is not correct to describe Sweden as a country in a situation of mass-employment. If one looks at ethnic Swedes at the prime of their life, we have very low unemployment,” Reinfeldt said to a reporter from news agency TT on Monday.

The comment was made in answer to a question based on a report carried out by the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council (Finanspolitiska rådet), which had criticized the government’s overly cautious fiscal policy.

Reinfeldt's choice of words soon kicked off a political firestorm with commentators on both sides of the political spectrum questioning his use of the term "ethnic Swedes" and speculating as to what he might have meant.

Two hashtags quickly emerged on Twitter, #ReinfeldtTT and #Svenskarmittilivet, with many questioning whether it was appropriate from the prime minister to speak of ”ethnic” Swedes.

At first it was mainly left-leaning commentators that reacted to the statement and started to question what Reinfeldt's motives.

“The right-wing government’s ethnification of our societal problems is worrisome…” tweeted Daniel Swedin, editorial writer at social-democrat leaning tabloid Aftonbladet.

“Should we interpret FR’s statement as if he doesn’t feel that unemployment among immigrants (even 2nd or 3rd generation) is an especially large problem?,” Social Democrat pollster Carl Melin tweeted.

Sweden Democrats leader Jimme Akesson welcomed the statement:
"It's great news that the prime minister has come to his senses regarding one of the many negative consequences of his irresponsible immigration policies," said Åkesson.

"Reinfeldt seems to want to see mass immigration as a burden that he can't do anything about."
Source: The Local

Meanwhile, the Sweden Democrats are now the fourth largest party in the country:
With 6.6 percent of voters backing them, the far-right Sweden Democrats have grown to be Sweden’s fourth-largest party, according to the latest poll from research institute Sifo.

The increase in support for the party, 1.9 percentage units in the past month, is likely explained by the recent debate between party leaders, aired on national TV last Sunday, in which Jimmie Åkesson, the Sweden Democrats’ leader, received a lot of attention.
Source: The Local


Reality Check said...

Is it too late for the Swedes? Everything can change, we just need brave leaders who speak the truth and are not intimidated by the leftist/Islam alliance.

Anonymous said...

A slip of the tongue from Reinfeldt? He has previously stated that "there are no Swedes. Everybody is Swedish".

Anonymous said...

Ethnic Swedes are migrating en masse to Norway, trying to escape and ever increasing diversity.

It worked for some time. But now diversity seems to catch up with them.

Anonymous said...


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