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Finally. This may produce some change. In our enervated moral culture, only a "designated vulnerable victim" group can take on another "designated vulnerable victim" group.
Leaders of Britain’s Sikh and Hindu communities are protesting that the term “Asian” is being used incorrectly to describe the men responsible for sex-grooming gangs when the perpetrators are in fact nearly all of Pakistani origin.

In a joint statement by Sikh and Hindu organisations on the so-called “Asian” grooming gangs, the Network of Sikh Organisations, the Hindu Forum of Britain and the Sikh Media Monitoring Group say the use of the term “Asian” to describe the perpetrators of these crimes is wholly inaccurate and unfair to other communities of Asian origin.

“By law the British Government requires all authorities including the police, CPS and prisons, to collect ethnicity figures, which use the categories set out in the Census; Asian/Asian British: Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Any other Asian background,” they say. “We believe that in this case the Government itself is sanctioning the use of the term Asian as a way of clouding responsibility.”

The Hindu and Sikh leaders are protesting also that the religion of a person is always noted when in custody in police stations, when on remand in prison and when convicted.

“We believe the reluctance of the media and the Government to discuss the issue that there is a disproportionate representation of Muslims in such cases and why the victims are almost always non-Muslim girls is only adding to the vote bank of far-Right groups such as the BNP and the EDL,” they say.

“In addition we wish to bring to your attention the fact that the same sex gangs have also targeted Hindu and Sikh girls in the same manner, and these cases are rarely reported on as they hardly ever reach the courts.

“We believe that political correctness stifles debate and will not facilitate a frank and mature discussion or solutions to get to the root of why the above pattern is emerging in these crimes and how to help find a solution to the problem. This can only be done by working with the responsible majority in the community involved. We will not be able to do that if we mask the identity of those involved based on misguided views of ‘protecting a vulnerable community’ of the perpetrators and not looking at the vulnerable community of victims.”

Tim Loughton, the Children’s Minister, said this week that Britain needed an open debate about “issues around culture” that may explain why men of Pakistani heritage are over-represented among offenders prosecuted for street-grooming sex offences against white girls.

Nine members of a sex-grooming network in Rochdale were jailed last week for child-sex offences against troubled girls aged 12 to 16. Their victims were lured with free food and alcohol then sexually abused over a two-year period in flats and houses across northern England. The trial was the latest in a series of prosecutions in which men from the Pakistani community were accused of offences against vulnerable young teenagers.

The Times revealed last week that over the past five years England’s children’s homes, which care for 1,800 girls, have reported 631 cases of young residents being sold for sex.

Farooq Murad, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “The overwhelming majority of British Muslims rightly condemn the terrible abuse which has taken place in Rochdale. Those responsible are criminals utterly lacking any empathy for their vulnerable victims. There is absolutely nothing in our faith that condones such acts.

“We must all of us, as a society and as individuals, work together to tackle these issues head on. Only by uniting can we conquer this evil, not by seeking to blame or tarnish any one community or faith above any other.

“At a time of rising sectarian and economic tensions, we must all be aware of the political capital groups like the English Defence League and British National Party will attempt to make from these sorry events.

“Instead of attacks and blame, our resolve must be to prevent a repeat of such abuse ever taking place again: we must be committed to education, and yes, asking difficult questions. But we must also do so with cool heads, and not act simply on hearsay and emotion.

“We trust that those in brother faiths and communities will seek to work with us, and with our community, in dealing with this sensitive issue.”

Research into other models of child-sex offending, including online grooming and sexual abuse within the family, has found that the vast majority of offenders are white men, usually acting alone.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

Instead of slagging off the BNP & EDL he should be praising them. They almost never use the term Asian when pointing out just who the filthy perverts are.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

What will done is to appoint a commission of enquiry, that will take a couple of years to report. The results of that enquiry will be examined by a committee, and then shelved because of the sensitive mature of the results.

Meanwhile, the EDL will be blamed for resulting tensions. That way everyone will be satisfied, except of course the victimised girls and their relatives.

Anonymous said...

Quite right. If I were a Sikh or Hindu from the sub-contininent I would also complain for being lumped ion as 'Asian'.
The perpertrators of the crimes in question were, and are rightly described as Moslems.
The offences commited are rightly described
as 'Racialy Motivated and Aggravated'
The sentences handed down are manifestly inadequate as is the current law that will see the perpertrators serve only half of the sentence.
The sentences should be at the least doubled and the sentecing provisions should include a 'Truth in Sentencing' requirement which would see these creatures locked up for a long time.
Had capital punishment been in force these people should have been hanged.

Anonymous said...


I would favour stripping of citizenship if British, then deportation of the barbarian along with hos clan.

Anonymous said...

British media is prone to racial hatred against Asian men mainly Muslim men. Minority does not define all Asians. A Christian, catholic, sikh or jew that commit crimes e.g paedophile are not all branded the same. why isn't it publicised in the media when women and children are getting raped by British or american soldiers. When Christian paedophiles think its ok to mess with kids why isn't that publicised via race?? Majority of the murderers that kill are white so are we to assume every white person is also a murderer??people that assume they know Islam need to actually look into it instead of following blindly. There is not other religion more peaceful then Islam, people are just afraid to look into the religion because they know that if they did it would make sense, instead they follow made up opinions stupidly!!! Why do you never refer to Anders Breivik as "the Christian"?

Child sex abuse figures from UK H.M. Prison Service show that perpetrators are overwhelmingly white: 93% White vs 7% Black/Asian. In 2009, 8 ALL white members of a paedophile network have been found guilty of a catalogue of charges relating to child abuse and indecent images of children yet the our xenophobic media did not make it a 'race' issue. Also, the vast majority of sexual abuse of children takes place in the home by people they know, family members, family friends etc (and in some cases even priests) NOT out on the street by gangs, White, Asian or otherwise.

Many of the people that do the abusing are from all religions, including Islam, that is also a fact!. No particular culture has the monopoly on this disgusting crime! It's not just the Pakistani community, the xenophobes are out in force again. 95% of grooming is done by whites. Lear we forget the nursery nurse taking sexual photos of 0-5 in Cornwall. Yes the Pakistani community need to look at their own lads what they're up to and they need to deal with.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above.

The British media have bent over backwards to appease and accommodate Muslims.

That is why Hindus and Sikhs have complained that the BBC gives more coverage of Islam than other religions.

Then there is the self-censorship around Islam, which is not afforded to Christianity.

Former Barnardo's chief executive Martin Narey said in "very significant over-representation of Asian men, Pakistani men, in these terrible crimes". "For this particular sort of crime, the street grooming – the trafficking of girls in northern towns in Derby, Leeds, Blackpool, Blackburn, Oldham and Rochdale – there's very troubling evidence that Asians are overwhelmingly represented in prosecutions for such offences".

Judge Gerald Clifton said to the men, eight of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan of the Rochedale gang, that one of the factors leading to the abuse was "the fact that they were not part of your community or religion".

Figures from the COEP shows that 28% of offenders are classed as Asian which is disproportionate considering the total asian population is less than 10%. If it is disproportionate than there must be other factors at work and the commonality is the religion of the offenders. These gangs are almost always exclusively Muslim.

Here is just a long list of Muslim rape gangs caught:

Keighley 2005 :


Oldham 2006 :…..195523.stm

Blackburn 2007 :…..e-13589828

Manchester 2008 :…..713983.stm

Blackburn 2008 :


Skipton 2009 :


Rotherham 2010 :…

Rochdale 2010 :

Rochdale 2010 :…..slave.html

Nelson 2010 :…..ted_teens/

Preston 2010 :….._1_1493788

Derby 2011 :…..e-12137400

Blackpool 2011 :…..urder.html

Burnley 2012 :….._1_4206114

Dewsbury 2012 :…..z1pmhxo83Z

Barking, East London 2012 :…..z1kXsCUYxS

Telford 2012 :…..-kids.html

Rochdale 2012 :…..r-17291143

Blackburn 2012 :…

Oxford 2012 :…..e/16195305

It sickens me that Muslims are yet again playing obscurantists and apologists who deny that this has anything to do with their religion.

When sex slavery has been a long held tradition in Islamic history, see harems.

Shariah specifically allows for sex with a slave.

Anonymous said...

The time is right rid this precious country of ours of these filthy perverted pakistani paedophiles and rapists, deport them and their families back to the shit holes they originated from...
If they want a jehad good were not afraid to die for our country dont think its yours because its not and never will be.If you believed in god you would repent but your father is the father of lies the evil one who holds a place for you all and good riddance...

Stephan White said...

There is absolutely nothing in our faith that condones such acts.

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