Thursday, 31 May 2012
Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the Front de gauche [Left Front] candidate for the French presidency, who came fourth with around 11% of the vote, has been campaigning in Marseilles recently for the upcoming legislative elections in France. In this, he is also standing as a candidate in the same constituency as Marine Le Pen.

According to Le Figaro, his speech was an ode to the Mediterranean, "the good mother of us all". It was interesting primarily for the high concentration it contains of the key motifs that are being used to drive the European Genocide.

"Marseilles is," he said, was "the most French city of our Republic" [Muslim demographic estimated at 40%]. Mélenchon then launched into a paean to the joys of "métissage". The word "métissage" is hard to translate. It literally means "race-mixing", "interbreeding" but it is also used in a metaphorical way in France with something of the sense of the English word "diversity".

"Race-mixing is our opportunity", exclaimed the MEP, to the sound of "youyous" [ululation sounds typically made by North African women], before saluting the "Arabs and Berbers" through whom "science, mathematics and medicine" arrived in Europe in a time when "obscurantism oppressed the human spirit". Rejecting "the morbid and paranoid idea of a clash of civilisations", he expressed his thoughts to the "North Africans who liberated the soil of the homeland from the Nazis." "The people of North Africa are our brothers and sisters" and "France has no future without them".

In his case, it may actually be true that they are his brothers and sisters, as he was born in Tangiers, in Morocco.

"France is not a western nation dedicated to following the chariot of the United States of America, but "a universalist nation", he declared.

Source: Le Figaro


Passer by said...

"France is not a western nation dedicated to following the chariot of the United States of America, but "a universalist nation"

As i said before, the growth of the muslim electorate could destroy the EU and NATO.
You can not get a british muslim electorate to be interested in close alliance with America. And you can not get a french muslim elecorate to be interested in close alliance with Poland. They will be interested in close relations with the muslim world.

mundosinislam said...

Dear Editor

This is Imran Firasat from Spain. Here I send you a link of news published about me today in Spanish media. You can translate it through Google. Me and my family is on gun point of the Muslims for the sin I commit of exposing Muhammad and Islam. Need your support and solidarity.

Thank you very much
Imran Firasat (Madrid)
World without Islam

Anonymous said...

Melenchon is a traitor.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks Imran. I'll post about it later. I can read Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Decolonizing Europe
according to Houria Bouteldja

"Must resist the ideology of "white universalism", Human Rights, Enlightenmentm progress, linear history (...)"

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