Sunday, 6 May 2012
Three police officers injured by Muslim savagery

Here is part of an eyewitness account from one of the PRO NRW participants.
After a short time a policeman came to us and expressly requested that we put the cartoons away. [These were copies of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.] Lars Seidensticker complied with this request under protest, as the court had finally allowed it. Then we heard a bang...

Our group leader from the police hurried to us and declared that this wasn't kidding any more and he was now going to cancel the demonstration in the interests of our own safety. The participants should sit in their cars, the police would safely escort them out of here. Our understanding was that the bang must have been a shot and packed up. Rumours that a policewoman had been shot were going around.
Sources: Quotenqueen, PI, Kybeline

Remember Bonn was Beethoven's old stamping ground. Now savages rule the roost there.


Leslie Bond said...

thats GERMANY in 2012 have only 4 million MUSLIS today.ANGELA MERKEL has quietly announced some time ago that around 2050 DEUTSCHLAND is going to be a MUSLI majority hellhole.if thats so than our WHITE WESTERN CIVILISATION is clearly dying.GREETINGS from BUDAPEST to our couregous GERMAN brothers.We HUNGARIANS have fought against the dark musli barbarians for 160 years,our big National Catasthrophe those savage animals had exterminated 70 percent of our population with unimaginable cruelty.The only solution is to wake up for the WEST and use the final solution on the dark rats as soon as possible,time is running out for EUROPE.The USA after the elections when OBONGO is out of the WHITE HOUSE should start a total WAR WW.3 to save us from the MUSLI animals.

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