Sunday, 6 May 2012

These events centred on a demonstration in Bonn by the anti-Islam PRO NRW movement. As promised, they are exhibiting the fruits of their recent anti-Islam image competition outside mosques and Islamic centres in a "Freedom instead of Islam" tour. Predictably, Muslims don't care to see freedom exercised in this way.

This is the second time this week that a PRO NRW demonstration has inspired Muslims to mass violence, including attacks on the police themselves.

Yet the response of the German Establishment to this is quite extraordinary. There have been calls for the PRO NRW to be banned. One police officer described PRO NRW members as "Nazis". The German press has been filled with headlines like

All of this shows the alarming extent to which the European establishment has absorbed the Islamic mindset, turning the victims of Islamic aggression into the perpetrators.

The German press has been filled with headlines like "Islam Cartoons Threaten German Security". Of course it is not cartoons that threaten German security. It is Muslim violence.

Sources: SOS Heimat, PI, QuotenQueen


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