Wednesday, 2 May 2012
She says that the parents – immigrants – of her friends voted for Hollande although they usually give their votes to the Front national. This time, "they didn't vote for Marine" because "she attacked Islam, she went too far".

Daniel Vitter, the Communist official, confirms the existence of a "former FN vote among immigrants". He speaks in a low voice. We are in la Mascotte, a café in the Bougimonts district. In the room: four men and two women. Only the television speaks French. It is tuned to Equidia [a horse-racing channel].

"Among some people, there may have been a form of racism, especially from Arabs with regard to blacks. The others wanted to protect what they've gained. Those who would come after them would necessarily aggravate their situation."
Source: Rue89 Via:

Meanwhile Haaretz quoted a Jewish supporter of Marine Le Pen saying that 7-8 per cent of French Jews had voted for Marine Le Pen. Her score nationally was about 18 per cent. It shows the persistence of the anti-semitic meme. Even though Jews are among the first to feel the brunt of the Muslim presence in France, they are still reluctant to vote for the only person who can do anything about it.


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