Tuesday, 15 May 2012
A man who ran a brothel from his kebab shop and trawled city streets to persuade troubled young teenagers to have sex with him and other takeaway workers was found guilty yesterday of numerous offences against five girls.

Azad Miah, 44, from Carlisle, Cumbria, chose his targets carefully. They were children aged from 12 to 16, several of them from desperate backgrounds, and all vulnerable to the lure of money, drugs and alcohol.

Some were used for sex and others were hounded and pestered in the hope of drawing them into his expanding child-sex network.

In a three-week trial at Carlisle Crown Court, Miah gave the jury a glimpse of the contempt he felt for the “white trash” teenagers who gave evidence against him. His own children, he said, would not be “out after 11pm in the town centre; they would not be in the city centre, drinking”.

The respected married man and father of four was also a self-appointed spokesman for the local Muslim community and a businessman who gave generously to charity. He ran four successful restaurants and takeaway food outlets across Cumbria.

Born in Bangladesh, Miah came to Britain aged 14. For the next ten years he lived in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where nine taxi drivers and takeaway workers were jailed last week after an unconnected trial involving a sex-grooming ring that stretched across northern England.

Cumbria Police are now seeking to establish whether Miah had any links to the convicted Rochdale men, eight of whom were of Pakistani heritage.

One of Miah’s victims was using heroin at the age of 14. She wept as she described sleeping with him and other men “hundreds of times”, including at his Spice of India kebab shop in Carlisle. She used the money that he paid her to buy hard drugs and sweets.

Three of the girls told the jury that on separate occasions they complained about Miah to the police, yet no action was taken.

One 12-year-old was hounded by up to 50 text messages a day offering her money for sex. When she was interviewed last year by detectives investigating the child-sex offences, the girl — by then aged 15 — was asked if she knew why she was being questioned.

“Because of something that happened three years ago and now you’ve finally decided to do something about it,” she replied. The girl, who said Miah told her that in his country it did not matter how old girls were, said that she made three complaints about him to the police within a matter of weeks.

“We complained loads of times, but they never did anything. We showed them all the texts on my phone as well. I was only 12 at the time. The police never did anything about it so I just stopped complaining in the end.”

Another girl, aged 16, began to receive similar texts from Miah when he asked for her phone number after she and two friends went to the takeaway to inquire about a job. Eventually Miah took her phone and refused to return it. She stopped a police community support officer on the street, who retrieved the phone.

The girl told the court: “I did show her a text on my phone, the one asking us to sleep with him for money.”

In evidence, the officer denied reading any such message. The police declined to comment yesterday on whether they missed opportunities to stop Miah’s campaign of abuse.

Tim Evans, prosecuting, said that the self-confessed sex addict embarked upon the “cold, clinical, calculated exploitation of the desperate and the vulnerable”. The younger the girl, the more money he was willing to pay, he said.

The businessman, whose offences took place between 2005 and 2011, even attempted to persuade the mother of a 12-year-old to sell her daughter to him for cash, saying in a text message: “You give me what I want, I give you plenty money.”

Miah, who was convicted of keeping a brothel, four counts of paying for the sexual services of a child and five of inciting child prostitution, will be sentenced today.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

Why are people like this not hung? Why would anyone want these pedophiles to live?

They're sick depraved beasts worthy of death.

Anonymous said...

"Why are people like this not hung?"

They're South Asians, they are renown the world over for not being hung.

Why do you think Pakis are always so angry?

Anonymous said...

London, 11 Asiantribune.com):

The recent British media reports on the Rochdale sex gang describing them as ‘Asian’ are both offensive and unfair. The use of the blanket term Asian by the media to describe these criminals’ brands all Asians as potential offenders and attributes either implicitly or often explicitly this kind of behavior to Asians in general, which is both racist and offensive to a large section of the law-abiding Asian community.

Why is it that the national press can't bring itself to use the words Pakistani or Afghan sex gangs in their reporting of these cases or more to the point Muslim sex gangs! Why is it in their efforts to be politically correct they must print headlines that not only twist and hide the truth but libel all Indians and Asians in general with racial and criminal slurs of the worst kind.
The offenders in Rochdale and previous Muslim criminal gangs were acting from a religiously inspired cultural perspective that is incompatible with British society and is not shared by the Asian community. Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity all have an older religious and cultural tradition in Asia than Islam with a moral code that is compatible with British law and values. It’s disgraceful that the media should use such racial terms to link the sexual abuse crimes committed by these Muslims with all Asians.


Anonymous said...

People in high places are now trying to turn this whole issue in to one of race, Trevor Phillips being one of the main culprits. They are hell bent on keeping the public in the dark about Islam.

If these people succeed in fooling the public that it's a racial issue then the gates will be open for all Islamic perverts and rapists to carry out these perversions as is allowed in Islam. It's about time the public learned the truth about Islam and it's underhanded backward savagery.

Anonymous said...


Nor just a race issue. Trevor Phillips is implying that the fault lies with the victims ie the vulnerable young girls.

Philips quote: ‘Let’s remember the most important thing about this is that these men are criminals; these children are street kids.



What does he mean? Does he mean that working class young girls are not deserving of protection from predatory Muslim paedophiles?- Who by the way, were, and probably still are, doing what the founder of Islam practised.

Of course, if the young girls were Black and the perps White, then the no matter how "Street" Black girls were, and there are plenty of them, he would never say such a thing. SO is Trevor Philips a racist?

Trevor Philips, as chairman of EHRC, should know that the working class of Britain was brutally marginalised by Blair's Labour government. More then any other community, the working class of Britain has suffered greviously, betrayed by the party that was supposed to protect them. Every asylum seeker, no matter how undeserving has been given priority over the indigenous working class of Britain.

These young working class girls were therefore far more vulnerable as a consequence, and deserved even greater protection, from the EHRC for a start, and from the entire political establsihment.

But will they own up to the problem they created, and then willfully and deliberately ignored for decades? Will there even be a customary "Lessons learned" moment, or will it all be brushed under the carpet?

The EHRC, if it has any business at the moment, must bend itself to help the most marginalised, put upon, and betrayed community in Britain - the indigenous working class.

But they wont, as that would reveal the complicity of their paymasters.

Anonymous said...


Tonight I was treated to an episode of ‘Knevel and van de Brink’ featuring a YouTube video (which I won’t favour with a link) of a set ‘new Dutch’ sexually harassing and taunting a girl of 12-13 years old.

I am not even going to comment on the efforts by hosts and guests to downplay the ethnicity and religious background of the perpetrators. That is all too predictable and tiresome.

No, what my objections is, what sent me into a raging tantrum nearly costing the life of a perfectly serviceable flat-screen TV, was the reference, made by one of the hosts, of this being part of a ‘counter-culture’ we have to get to grips with.

See here the glorious evolution of the Dutch! An ethnically Dutch girl of pre-pubescent age is shown defenceless and sobbing, while she is being sexually assaulted by a group of immigrant ‘peers’ and the best we can come up with is: This is part of counter-culture with a different view on sexuality. How is that for abject surrender to barbarity?


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