Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Austrians, Integrate Yourselves!

I've written before about how Vienna is now a conquered city. Muslim demographics succeeded in doing what Muslim armies were never able to do. Now comes the logical next step: integration courses. But not for Muslims or other immigrants. For the Austrians themselves. It is Austrians who now have to adapt to the culture of the invaders.

As part of the Vienna Festival week, "integration camps" are being set up for Austrians to "cure them of their minority phobia". In the camps, the integration requirement of each participant will be individually assessed. They will then be assigned to one of three training programmes which vary in length according to the severity of the supposed need.

The training programmes are led by immigrants themselves:
"We have Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, coloured Africans, Turks, Kurds, Roma and German students."

The courses have names like: Headscarf training, Forced marriage training, home slaughter training.

Although I assume the courses will actually take place, it has to be pointed out that this is a provocative political stunt being staged by an arts group, rather than a serious government initiative. It is, however, being funded by the state, so can be construed as more pro-Muslim, pro-immigration, anti-European propaganda.

And surely it won't be long before integration courses like this are taking place for real.

Sources: SOS Heimat


Passer by said...

Its sounds quite paradoxical, but many of the Pro-EU people are actually involved in anti-European propaganda. They talk loudly about "European Union" and "European Values" while simultaneously facilitating non-european cultural expansionism. But what is the purpose of the European Union if the turk, the arab, and the pakistani is somehow the new "european"? Shoudn't we allow Africa and Asia to enter the Union then? Why call it "European"?

Johnny Rottenborough said...

@ Passer by—The entry of Africa is pencilled in for 2050, according to José Manuel Barroso: ‘We have come to Tripoli with the fascinating long-term perspective of a Euro-African economic area in mind—an area which will provide opportunities for 2·5 billion citizens by 2050.’

Today, Africa. Tomorrow, the world! These people are seriously dangerous.

Passer by said...

@Johnny Rottenborough

Their weak spot is the economy. Countries or entities with weak economies are inherently unstable, no matter their propaganda capabilities (the Soviet Union for example).
The World's per capita GDP is 11000$, it is quite poor place on average. And it will become even poorer if they manage to economically bring down Europe and the US.
They can not win the economy by Third-Worldizing Europe and North America, so these continents will always remain politically unstable, which provides a window of oppotrunity to those who oppose them. The weak economy is especially detrimental to globalist initiatives. Globalism is expensive endeavour. Fighting "Global Warming", nation building, maintaning an army to provide stable trade rotes and global communications is expensive. For example, for the first time in the last 90 years, Britain doesn't have an aircraft carrier due to austerity measures. Simply put, i don't see how the world can be united if the US looks like Mexico and Europe looks like Pakistan. There will be no more money. The world will simply revert to barbarism.

Maria José said...

Muslim slavery in the center of Europe

Several days ago, the world was shocked with the news from Europe. A family couple from Bosnia and Herzegovina had been keeping a young German woman as their slave for eight years. The victim of family violence is now 19 years of age.

The Bosnian couple - Milenko Marinkovic, 52, and his wife Slavojka Marinkovic, 45, - were torturing and starving an underage girl, whose name was Karla. The girl would be raped by other men on a regular basis.

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