Thursday, 31 May 2012

I've posted before about Imran Farasat, the Pakistani granted asylum in Spain who has called for the Koran to be banned and runs the website "World Without Islam".

Over the years he has received many threats as a result of his efforts to warn the western world about the threat Islam represents. Recently, however, the threats took a more sinister turn as they referred to his family as well as himself. Most disturbingly, the threats originated in Indonesia, where his family now lives.

The threatening emails can be seen in the graphics.

Imran has filed many complaints with the Spanish police about the threats he has received. He complains that they seem uninterested, however, formally recording the complaints but doing nothing about them.

When he tried to register a complaint about the first of these threats, the police officer said it was unnecessary because he had filed complaints in the past. He insisted that the latest threat was from a new group and broke new ground in referring to his family members. Reluctantly, the police officer took down the complain in a cursory fashion, without allowing him to register all of the significant details.

When Imran received the second of these threats, which originated from a different group, he also went to file a formal complaint about it with the police. This time they at first refused to register the complaint at all, only agreeing to do so reluctantly when he threatened to kick up a fuss at the Ministry of the Interior. The complaint was then taken down half-heartedly.

Imran asked for police protection, but he was told he wouldn't get it. When he asked what he could do to ensure the safety of himself and his family, the police told him:
Shut down your web page and stop messing with the Islamists

They then told him not to bother making any more complaints as he was responsible for the threats being made against him because he chose to tangle with the Islamists!

This is the bizarre response we're seeing a lot from European officialdom these days. Muslims are simply expected to act like violent, frothing, mindless savages, it seems. When they do so, they are not held responsible for their actions. Instead, the blame is cast on those who provoked them.

Source: Minuto Digital H/T: Imran Farasat


Maria José said...

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Botox said...

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