Sunday, 13 May 2012

Everything in this report is consistent with the view that Turkey is deliberately facilitating this illegal immigrant invasion to further the islamisation of Europe. The Turkish government has signed visa-free travel treaties with virtually every Islam-dominated country.

Then they use their inaction over these illegal immigrants as an extortion tool to get the EU to grant visa-free travel to Turks! And Europe's leaders are so weak they give in to this!

There is a clear solution to this problem. Whenever the system picks up an illegal immigrant who has made his way into Europe from Turkey, an invoice should be created for the costs of housing and processing him. Interest should be added and the invoice should be continually updated as new costs arise. Until Turkey takes the immigrant back, the costs continue mounting. If the Turkish government refuses to pay, the EU should impose import duties on all imports from Turkey and recover the money in that way. Within a few years of introducing a system like this, I estimate that the problem of illegal immigration from Turkey (80% of all illegal immigration into the EU) would largely have been solved. The problem only exists because the Turkish government tacitly condones it. But Europe's leaders are paralysed by their own psychological weakness.


Anonymous said...

You could always shoot, a border is best enforced by shooting those that tries jumping the border. After they understand they get shot they will stop coming, but giving fines to Turkey is another thing, maybe do both.

Turks should also be forced to patrol the border on their side and arrest all potential border jumpers, it's not like turks look like the mahgreb criminals and terrorists nor the African terrorists and criminals.

Acting like a bitch like EU is doing now just encourages these enemies to come.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Golden Dawn wants to put land mines along the Turkish border. Not a bad idea.

Anonymous said...


I believe you have a good idea.

It does not break any laws.

Is perfectly liberal and humane.

Will get by the ECHR.

Is doable without any excessive admin costs.

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