Tuesday, 15 May 2012
This card is a weapon. Be armed.

I made this point in a few posts, but it's nice to see it officially admitted by
the left-wing, Guardian-equivalent newspaper Libération.
Without the vote of naturalised non-European immigrants and their children and grandchildren (their percentage share of the electorate is impossible to determine), the Socialist candidate would have found it very difficult to be elected president, given the ageing of the population. The study looking at the geographic distribution of the vote for François Hollande, shows the importance of this factor. In the districts with a high percentage of populations with non-European backgrounds, the Socialist candidate made much greater progress than the national average compared to the score achieved in 2007 by Ségolène Royal. The examples of Clichy-sous-Bois, La Courneuve, Garges-lès-Gonesse or the XVe arrondissement in Marseilles indicate gains of more than 10 points in five years, often with scores greater than 70%. This electorate voted massively for the Left, or rather against the stigmatising discourse of Nicolas Sarkozy.

During the 2012 presidential election the same phenomenon occurred as in 2008 in the USA, where Barack Obama was elected thanks to the support of ethnic minorities, while he only enjoyed minority support among "non-hispanic whites".
Source: Libération Via: Fdesouche.com


Passer by said...

Funny, but the ideas of EU and NATO, so dear to the elites, will suffer, if they continue to rely on non-europeans.
Whether "elites" like it or not, the EU and NATO are cultural alliances. They have shared interests based on common values, culture, and worldview. I think that elites no longer understand why is it that the old alliances exist and take them for granted. Why is it that Britain is allied with the US, and not with Russia, for example.
While european muslims may be interested in handouts from the EU, it will be impossible for them to believe in close alliance with the US(they hate it) and it will be impossible for european muslims to believe in close alliance with other european countries. Do you think that a british muslim electorate will be interested in close alliance with the US and the existence of NATO? No. Do you think that a german muslim will be interested in close alliance with Poland? No. They will be interested in close relations with Turkey, the Arab World, etc. I sometimes call this "the slow chaining of Europe" towards the Islamic World. I don't see how the idea of a "European Union" can continue to exist with a muslim electorate. They will see themselves as part of the broader arab world, restoring Al Andalus, or as turkish colonists restoring lost turkish greatness. Or restoring the Caliphate. And the Caliphate is not the EU.
I think that some americans understand what is happening and are trying (via the Embassies) to cultivate european muslims and gain better relations with muslim "communities" in Europe in order to protect american interests in Europe..

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