Monday, 28 May 2012

There is a fawning interview with Anthony Beevor in the Telegraph today. The great sage, who made his name and fortune writing books about the Second World War, fears that the current economic difficulties in Europe will give rise to "militant nationalism". Oh dear. What an original and profound thought.

The truth is, though, that it is the European elites' obsession with the Second World War, and with Adolf Hitler in particular, that is the principal cause of our current predicament. It is what gave rise to the bizarre desire to extinguish nationalism. Of course the only way you can extinguish nationalism is by extinguishing nations. But what are nations? Nations are simply peoples with governments. They are peoples who have realised their natural desire for self-determination within borders that correspond roughly to a community defined by common ancestry and culture. The only way to eradicate nations, then, is to eradicate peoples - or, in other words, to commit genocide, which is what the elites of Europe have been engaged in for the past few decades. The fact that they are doing this with the best of intentions does not detract from the cataclysmic awfulness of it.

Very few of the world's countries are actually nations. Most are simply artificially defined states incorporating multiple peoples within their borders; and the friction this gives rise to is the source of interminable problems. States whose borders do not correspond to the frontiers of peoplehood can either break up to become genuine nations or can struggle to arrive at an accommodation with the various peoples in their midst. The struggle to achieve this accommodation tends to define much of the history of these artificial states and will be unique in every case. Trying to achieve this accommodation with a one-size-fits-all human rights framework is not the way to do it. And deliberately aggravating these underlying frictions by welcoming new peoples into the country's borders in a spirit of anti-nationalism amounts to criminal lunacy, the price for which will be paid in civil war by future generations.

It is the endless obsession with Hitler and the World War Two, which people like Beevor feed and thrive upon, that has given rise to this lunacy. The twin vectors of Europe's self-destruction - the EU (including its culminating folly, the Euro) and the mass immigration of non-Europeans - are driven by this paralysing fixation with Hitler, Nazism, the supposed threat of right-wing extremism and racism. This is something that defies rational scrutiny. Yes, Hitler was a really bad guy. But so were Stalin and Mao. And Stalin and Mao each killed more people than Hitler did. Looking at the great exterminations of the 20th century, more people were killed as a result of anti-right-wing political prejudice than racism. Yet anti-right-wing political prejudice is politically enthroned, while fear of "racism" as some kind of cosmic evil increasingly defines European society. Across Europe today, left-wing political violence is on a vastly greater scale than its right-wing opposite. Yet commentators view it indulgently, while issuing dire warnings about the slightest attempt by Europeans to defend their own ancestral peoplehood.

And while European nations are riven internally by this deranged obsession with Hitler, the Muslims keep coming. I see parallels with the Muslim invasion of Egypt. Many Copts didn't resist it because they were obsessed with an arcane religious conflict with the Byzantines and saw Muslim overlordship as a not-so-bad alternative to Byzantine rule. The human mind seems incapable of grasping true moral complexity. It seems to operate in a simple binary mode in which only two-dimensional conflicts can be understood. Thus we end up with, "Rather the Muslims than the Byzantines" [in ancient Egypt], "Rather the Muslims than the Spanish" [in Catalonia now] and "Rather the Muslims than the fascists" [in Europe generally].

It is not militant nationalism that threatens Europe. It is the sick cult of Adolf Hitler, ministered to by low-grade sacerdotes like Anthony Beevor, at great personal profit to themselves. The derangement this inspires renders European elites incapable of rationally apprehending the threatening situation they and their peoples are in. Paradoxically, solely because of their morbid obsession with him, Hitler has been able to inflict more damage on Europe in death than he was ever able to do in life. They have thus granted him a kind of posthumous victory. Resurgent nationalism - healthy pride in one's own people, history and ancestry - is what can save Europe from the withered and ghost-haunted old men - moral paralytics to a man - who now preside over its destruction.

UPDATE: Ed West reacts to the Beevor interview, saying more or less the same things, here.


Passer by said...

Most Left Wingers are either historically ignorant people or unconcious racists that imagine that Europe is the center of the World.

A Little European: the one who thinks that the Europe is the Center of the World. He has an island mentality. If something is happening, it is because Europe is causing it. If something is not happening, it is because Europe refuse to let it happen. He is an unconscious racist. He thinks that only Europeans can be fully responsible for their actions while noneuropeans cannot (or can but only to a limited extent). If noneuropeans do something bad, it must be the europeans that caused them to do it.

The message of the Little European is that the problem is completely due to “us.” The other side doesn’t actually exist. It has no history, no worldview, no ideology, and no goals. The “other side” is merely a blank screen or mirror, reflecting back what europeans do. Unfortunateiy, this is a racist vision. It denies the others any history or mentality of their own. If the non-european is only a victim always, according to the Left, then he has no volition, no higher intelligence, and no ability to affect history at all.
This is why the Left is obsessed with Diversity in Europe, while ignoring the lack of Diversity in many non-european countries. For the unconscious racist Left Wingers, it doesn't matter that many non-european countries are not diverse. They are just savages, so this is expected from them..

Anonymous said...

A very good piece that more people ought to read - more people than visit this site!
l commend you yet again - IVE is one of the best if not the best blogs on the world wide web!
Lord Velcra

Anonymous said...

Great post. Beevor is a good writer, but I admit he's a PC historian.

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