Monday, 14 May 2012
In the regional North-Rhine Westphalia elections yesterday, Germans again voted overwhelmingly for left-wing parties with the SPD (Socialists) up almost 5% to finish as the largest party on 39.1%. The Socialists and Greens are now likely to form a coalition. The anti-Islam PRO NRW achieved only 1.5% of the vote, approximately the same as in the previous elections, meaning they get no seats in the regional parliament. This was despite the massive publicity surrounding the Mohammed cartoons and anti-Islam graphics which provoked Muslim rioting and attacks on the police that made national headlines. The demonstrations at which the violence occurred were part of PRO NRW's electoral campaign.

Voters were clearly disenchanted with the establishment parties but their discontent was channelled into the votes for the ridiculous Pirate Party, which achieved 7% of the vote. The Communist Linke party also did badly, losing 3.1% of its vote to end on 2.5%. But with so many other quasi-communists to choose from, who needs the real thing?

North-Rhine Westphalia is one of the most heavily Muslim-colonised parts of Germany. There is large-scale Turkish settlement there, along with the usual infiltration of the Socialist and Green parties. The media is obviously hostile to any anti-Islam party but the cartoon riots forced them to at least give PRO NRW some coverage. If an anti-Islamic party was going to break through into the mainstream, this is one of the places where you would think it most likely to happen. But it didn't.

It's bad news, then, but PRO NRW did at least cross the 1% threshold, which secures it some state financing.

Source: Der Spiegel


Anonymous said...

Do they realise that these parties are Pro Bailout parties? Germans don't want to subsidize Greece etc. yet they vote for Left and Greens? Lol

Maria José said...

Gruesome afghan Rape Marathon in Swedish refugee camp.

Socialist:" It's racism to expel them"

Anonymous said...

The media and politicians are scared stiff by Islam and Muslims. So they do everything in their power to appease the green dragon. This has resulted in the population at large also taking fright of the dragon, at the same time scared of what would happen if a real anti-Islam party took power.

In Britain, the authorities in their scared witless state, even went to the extent of the tried and tested method for appeasing dragons - offering them a regular diet of very young white girls. The green dragon was eventually slain by St George.

The motif of St George is also the emblem of the Knight Templars, and the now the EDL.

Anonymous said...

Islam has its suicide bombers.

We have our cultural suicide bombers.

I believe ours are far more destructive.

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