Thursday, 17 May 2012

The French Socialists have been accused of electoral fraud by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who was the presidential candidate for the Left Front. He is even more socialist than the Socialists, basically a French Hugo Chavez, so this is Left-on-Left warfare.

In a television interview Mélenchon made the following remarks:
"There are dead people on the Socialist electoral list in Hénin-Beaumont."

"What do you find in the PS [Socialist Party] list? There are communists have been fraudulently put on to this Socialist list. There are even dead people! The communists protested. The dead people can't protest!

Journalist: There's cheating on the Socialist list?

Mélenchon: Ah, totally.

No word of Muslim involvement but Muslims are, after all, the masters of fraud. And we know that 93% of them voted Socialist.


Anonymous said...

Most people who vote for socialists are dead.....
Brain dead

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Quelle surprise! Socialists cheating.

You'll be telling us next that Salafists are just misunderstood dudes with a great sense of humour.

/sarc off.

Anonymous said...

Aha they did an Obama/Acorn...

same stuff where ever you find socialists, thievery, lies and murder.

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