Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The "True Face of Britain" Tariq Jahan has finally had his day in court. And doesn't it get interesting. It turns out this paragon of virtue demanded to know his victim's race and religion before launching into a brutal attack on him that left him with a broken jaw.
Jahan stopped his car and asked him if he was a Hindu, Pakistani, Sikh, Muslim or Iraqi and said a few words to him in Punjabi, Mr Bajwa told the court.
Source: Daily Mail

True Face also accused him of looking at his wife, displaying a typical Muslim's proprietorial attitude towards women.
Mr Ali told jurors: ‘He grabbed me by the throat and asked me why I was looking at his wife.
‘He then punched me very hard to the forehead and I fell to the ground.
‘There was then blackness before my eyes and he started either hitting or kicking me in the head for what felt like five minutes. After he stopped, he saw me spit out my tooth and my mouth bleeding and ran away and drove off.’

True Face also lied to the police when initially questioned about the incident.
Ms Muzaffer said that during police interviews following his arrest Mr Jahan had originally claimed to have been at a garage at the time of the incident. She told jurors that Mr Jahan now accepted being “present at the scene and accepted being involved in an altercation with Mr Ali”, but claimed to have been acting in “lawful self-defence”.
The Times (£)

We already knew that Jahan was not only a member of the Muslim extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, but had acted as a bodyguard for some of its members. Now we learn about the True Face of Britain's criminal antecedents:
The court heard that Mr Jahan had a previous conviction for false accounting and fraud from 1985, and one for conspiracy to rob from 1990. He was also cautioned in 2003 for possession of cannabis and cautioned in 2004 for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...

Muslims are behaving as if they are already the master race in the UK. A similar state of affairs prevails in the USA, where Blacks are behaving as lords and masters.

Teddy Bear said...

I don't know if you're told this as often as you deserve Cher, but you're doing a great job.

Thanks for your hard work keeping the information coming.

Anonymous said...

I second Teddy Bear.

CZ: Thank you for continuing the blog. But please, take some time off. This undertaking is very tiring mentally and spiritually. You need re-charge and feel human again,

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks, both. I may have to take a break soon anyway as I'm moving and may lose internet connectivity for a while.

Teddy Bear said...

I trust the move will go well Cher, and you will enjoy your new home. As DP says, take good care of yourself, we need you refreshed

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the brits hadnt invaded the asian countries and made india/pakistan their colony and ruled them for over 250 years GB wouldnt have any muslims or brown faces living there..oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying that Africans in Africa will ever be a minority.

Nobody is saying that Asians in Asia will ever be a minority.

Because they won’t.

So why are people saying White Britons will be a minority in Britain in 2066?

That’s because there’s massive non-White immigration in all White countries and only White countries.

That’s because there’s a programme of White genocide.

They say it’s anti-racist but it’s simply anti-White.

Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

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