Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How do you get young non-white people to vote for you when you’re a middle-aged balding white man? François Hollande has the answer.

Take a popular song by two famous US rap stars. Film yourself surrounded by black and Arab voters who say “big-up”. Change your name to initials only. Get some Final Cut whiz kid to paste it all together with a load of fast-forward and zoom. Set up a YouTube account with the word “crew” in it.

And upload.
Source: France24


Anonymous said...

French first TV channel TF1, now private, in bed with Al Jazeera?

Multiplying relations between TF1 and the Qatari chain, says Le Figaro

Anonymous said...

Ex communist party, PC, representative was harassed by three youths in Seine St Denis, problem area Paris - ghetto - at 2030 hours Thursday night.

Reality Check said...

The new people of France, and their new leader.

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