Sunday, 29 April 2012

This is VilleUrbanne, France, close to Lyon, last Friday. The film was made by Rebeyne!, a French identitarian/nationalist group affiliated with the Bloc Identitaire.

Each Friday it's the same thing: dozens of vehicles invade the district, hundreds of Muslims take possession of the streets and set themselves up to pray around an undeclared Koran school. Infuriated by the disturbance, shocked by these weekly shows of force, the inhabitants of the Saint-Jean district of Villeurbanne have tried in vain to alert the public authorities. Town hall, prefecture, police, no one has deigned to respond to them and intervene to put an end to this intolerable situation. Desperate, the local residents contacted us last month to inform us of the situation. Rebeyne! thus turned up on the spot to film the incredible.

The images speak for themselves: for two hours the district is completely sealed off, the vehicles pile up, preventing some local residents from leaving their homes. Forced to adapt themselves to the timetable of the prayers, the district is obliged to live according to the Muslim schedule. To try and keep traffic flowing, some of the worshippers replace the municipal police, which doesn't prevent an infernal concert of car horns. What will the next stage be?

Abandoned by the public authorities, the indigenous French turn to the only force of resistance that dares to break the law of silence on the islamisation of our cities. It is the duty of the identitarians to show the reality that the media and politicians hide from us. How can they now continue to ignore what the residents of the district themselves are starting to nickname "Kaboulleurbanne" [Kabul-urbanne]?
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Anonymous said...

Apply a non-toxic repellent to the streets, maybe a foul odor.

Anonymous said...

A toxic one would be preferable.

Mrs. O'Riordan said...

Every resident on the street should borrow someone's 14 year old son and give him a boom box to play his music full blast for the two hours!!! - Rene

Jesper J. said...

Like "we" once did it here in Denmark...The night before the moslems would show their force at our townsquare in Copenhagen, pigs piss was generously adminiatered round th aquare ;-) Yes it smelled for days and made headlines!

Link but in danish:

Ira said...

Trot out some pot-bellied pigs.

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