Monday, 2 April 2012
Muslim demographics: Pull and push factors

In Denmark, 89.1 percent of Muslims vote on the Left. In France the number is 95 percent. And certainly this tendency is the same all over the West. Thus Muslim immigration is in fact the importation of votes for the Left. Therefore it is not surprising that Leftist parties are the ones that work hardest to open our borders to more non-Western immigration. They burden their own countries with weak immigrants from a less civilized culture in order to secure their own reelection. They invite people to our part of the world who have many children and are only able to manage few kinds of jobs, and who will therefore always vote for the socialists.

While our states and municipalities spend billions of Euros, Kroners and Pounds on immigrants, the rest of us have to pay more and more in taxes.

Some friends of mine confronted the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, a couple of years ago when they by accident ran into Barroso as he came out of an expensive restaurant. They asked him in an accusatory tone: "Do you know that you create a lot of trouble for future generations by letting so many foreigners into Europe?!" Barroso answered angrily: "Our children can handle their own problems". Barroso consciously creates problems that have already led to an economic and societal disaster and many wounded and dead -- and wants his own and others' children to clean up the mess that he will leave behind when he retires to his EU-financed mega pension. Barroso is a criminal and a coward, if you ask me.

Dirty little secret

Anyway, our politicians and the statisticians on their payroll do their best to keep their dirty little secret: the number of Muslims in our countries. The real number is buried beneath the different ways of categorizing whether a person is an immigrant, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation descendant of immigrants, or actually a native Westerner.

Therefore the point at which native Westerners will be minorities in their own home countries will come much sooner than the authorities tells us. But we do not have to wait that long, since our home countries do not need to have a population that is 50 percent Muslim in order to reach critical mass -- the tipping point -- where we are forced into a period of barbarism.

As my friends over at Gates of Vienna reported recently in "Lies, Damned Lies, and the Norwegian Bureau of Statistics", "Half of Oslo dwellers will be immigrants by 2040", many of our big cities -- including many capitals -- will have Muslim majorities long before there is such a majority in the country as a whole.

Other demographic factors

Many people think that immigration and birth rates are the critical factors. But there are other demographic factors that may outweigh these, when it comes to Muslim demographics in our own capitals and other major cities. We could call it "pull and push factors" -- factors that pull Muslims to our biggest cities and push non-Muslims out of the cities.

Pull factors (which pull more Muslims into the big cities):
- All the different kinds of immigration.

- The Schengen Agreement, which allows immigrants from other countries to flock from all over the continent to certain areas with better living conditions for Muslims (Nordic cities with higher social benefits and the other reasons listed below).

- Big cities often have a Muslim community that attracts even more Muslims, since they prefer to live among other Muslims.

- Big cities have cheap social housing that is affordable by poor people (which Muslims often are, because they are less interested in getting an education and working).

- Big cities, including cheap social housing, are more attractive to people coming from a culture that has fewer aesthetic expectations about housing and environment, and where living with other Muslims in a sharia colony gives higher social status than living in a 'nice neighbourhood'.

- Big cities offer better chances of earning money as an unskilled worker (which relatively many Muslims are), such as selling fast food and driving taxis. These jobs also allow Muslims to earn money without having to spend time with non-Muslim colleagues.

- Young Muslims are encouraged not to move away from the Muslim community in the big cities, since this will make it difficult for the rest of the community to exercise social control.

Push factors (which push non-Muslims out of the big cities):

- Non-Muslims tend to move out of the big cities because of rising ethnic tensions and conflicts.

- Relatively more non-Muslims seek to live in the countryside, when they have children.

- The modern work market makes it possible for especially well-educated people to live outside the big cities by using the Internet.

- Non-Muslims tend to move to places where there are fewer Muslims in the neighbourhood and in their childrens' daycare, kindergardens and schools.

And what will happen when the number of Muslims in our big cities moves towards 20, 30, 40 and 50 percent? Take your local Muslim ghetto and multiply it by 20.


Anonymous said...

The left is deluded in thinking that Muslims will continue to vote for them once they are a majority.

Bradford West, where the true Muslim candidate, George Galloway, beat a Labour Muslim should be a warning. Muslims voted for Galloway as he made it clear that he opposed our troops in Afghanistan, or any Muslim country.

The more reason that we continue our policy of bringing the light of "freedom and democracy" to benighted Muslim countries.

Anonymous said...

Pandora's box was opened several decades ago, but the last one is to still to emerge (Hope).

The financial train wreck coming soon to the West, combined with our policy to take democracy to Muslims countries, is the one hope.

Muslims will leave of their own volition.

Anonymous said...

Britain under Labour:

Tom Whitehead, Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser, Daily Telegraph, 23 October 2009.
Labour threw open Britain's borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a "truly multicultural" country, a former Government adviser has revealed.

Anonymous said...

People are waking up to the danger of unbalanced immigration with incompatible cultures in the UK as well as Europe. But it seems to me soon it will be too late to stop the civil chaos that will follow as tolerance by host peoples is stretched too far.

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