Tuesday, 10 April 2012

This article is interesting because it shows there is a precedent for depriving Mohammedans of their citizenship, even though in the process they are made stateless. Something like this may have to be done when the Great Muslim Repatriation occurs.

Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says this:
(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

At the moment Britain only deprives people of citizenship if they would not be made stateless thereby, in other words if they are dual nationals. But here the UAE has deprived Mohammedans of citizenship even though (as far as I can tell) they were born in the country and have no other citizenship.
DUBAI (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates on Monday detained six Islamist activists whose citizenship was revoked last year after they demanded political reform in the Gulf Arab state, their lawyer said.

The UAE, a top oil exporter, has weathered popular uprisings that have toppled four Arab heads of state since last year, thanks in part to its cradle-to-grave welfare system, but it has shown little tolerance towards dissent at home.

Jail terms have been imposed on activists who sought greater power for an elected body. In December, the UAE revoked the citizenship of six nationals it had described as posing a threat to national security.

A daughter of one of the six said her father, Muhammed Abdel Razzaq al-Siddiq, was detained by police on Monday after refusing to sign a declaration to seek a new nationality within two weeks or face imprisonment.

"My father called us... He refused to sign the declaration as now he is stateless, so he was detained along with the other five men," Alaa al-Siddiq told Reuters.

Mohammed al-Roken, a lawyer defending the six, confirmed the six had been detained for refusing to seek an alternative citizenship and said they have been transferred to prison. He also described stripping the six off their nationality as "unconstitutional."

A seventh Emirati, Ahmed al-Suwaidi, whose citizenship was also revoked last year, has been held for weeks, he said.

A UAE official said he was checking the report.

The case has set a precedent in the UAE, raising questions about rights and political reform in the oil producing Gulf Arab state.

Siddiq told Reuters last week he believed his citizenship was revoked because he had signed a petition sent to UAE leaders demanding the country's Federal National Council, an advisory body, be given more powers.

He also said he believed the men have been targeted for their Islamist political orientation. He and the other five men whose citizenship was revoked in December were members of Islamist organization al-Islah (Reform).


Anonymous said...

"they are made stateless"

They can still go to Mecca, can't they?
Great! Let's gather them all in Mecca.

Anonymous said...


They wont be going to Mecca. They will be headed straight to Britain. They will then get UK citizenship, then can travel anywhere, including Mecca.

Cudoine said...

The arabian peninsula is the best destination and the most equitible, inflicting muslims on poor Africans is wholely unfair, dropping them on arabs and making the arabs support them is poetic justice.

Anonymous said...


I feel so sorry for the British! What a tragedy for the Brits.

Today, a hard working father of twelve, refusing to live on benefits, has packed up, leaving for the Down Under, with his whole family, hoping for a brighter future there.

Best of luck to them!

Anonymous said...

The Cairo Declaration 1990

Let's look at what the sharia rights state in the Cairo Declaration of 1990

Every man shall have the right, within the framework of Shari’ah, to free movement and to select his place of residence whether inside or outside his country and if persecuted, is entitled to seek asylum in another country. The country of refuge shall ensure his protection until he reaches safety, unless asylum is motivated by an act which Shari’ah regards as a crime."

This has obviously been produced to give muslims the "right" to settle anywhere in the world, at the cost of the native people in that country chosen by the muslim.


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