Monday, 23 April 2012

L'Observatoire de l'Islamisation reports that a federation of 700 mosques under the control of the Grand Mosque of Paris undertook a massive mobilisation in favour of the Socialist candidate Hollande in the recent, and still ongoing, election campaign in France.

Today we have to vote against Nicolas Sarkozy “to defend our dignity against Islamophobia and the stigmatisation pf members of our community”, affirmed Mohamed Salah Hamza, rector of the mosque of the 18ème arrondissement in Paris. For their part, Kamel Kabtane, rector of the Grand Mosque of Lyon, Azzedine Gaci (UOIF), of the mosque of Villeurbanne, Laid Bendidi, of Saint-Fons, ou Fawzi Hamdi, rector to Vaulx-en-Velin, also called for "The Muslims of France cannot remain with their arms crossed”.

According to these imams, the Muslims of France “can no longer content themselves with being "spectators" in these elections. They must become actors of their own change. And to be heard, they must take their destiny in hand by exercising their right to vote in their soul and conscience”, they argue in giving instructions to vote for François Hollande, the premier adversary of Nicholas Sarkozy.

The latter attracts the ire of the Muslims, according to Marianne2 [left-wing magazine] which reports that a call to vote has been launched in favour of François Hollande” by the activists of the Front des Banlieues Indépendants [Front of the Independent Banlieues], which fears massive abstention in the working-class districts. “They will exhort the faithful to vote against those who, in recent months, have ceaselessly criminalised the Muslim community (…) and to make your vote count, which is to say give it to François Hollande.”
Source: L'Observatoire de l'Islamisation


Anonymous said...

Muslims in France are voting for Hollande, as socialists are the ones that will ensure the continuing Islamisation of France. Hollande should realise that Islam hates socialists/communists with far greater intensity then either Christians or Jews.

Muslims will vote for sharia, and a Muslim party when the time is ripe. Even immediately after 9/11, some 40% of Muslims in the UK indicated that they would prefer sharia in the UK. Consider that this was just after 9/11, and many Muslims would have demurred from making a provocative choice.

Anonymous said...

You are islam hater who has no knowledge or what islam is.

Anonymous said...


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