Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sometimes you see words in a foreign language for which there's no direct equivalent in English. Occasionally, this is a matter of regret when the words beautifully, and concisely, express an idea. For example, this website's motto "Where Islam spreads, freedom dies" derives from me thinking about the French word "liberticide" [freedom-killing], which you often see used in discussions about Islam in France. In English, you have to express the same idea in a phrase rather than a word.

Recently, I came across another word in French that perfectly captures an idea: islamolucide. An "Islamolucide" is someone who is clear-sighted about Islam, someone who has no illusions about its true nature. In other words, everyone in the Counterjihad movement could be said to be "Islamolucide". Again, there's no direct equivalent in English. But "IslamAware" might do as a near substitute. This word is a potentially useful tool in the polemics about Islam, racism, islamophobia, etc.

Example usages:
Television interviewer: Are you an islamophobe?
Counterjihadist: No, I'm IslamAware.

Today a number of IslamAware groups like the EDL, SIOE and Cities Against Islamisation gathered in Munich...
The word is a useful retort to the charge of Islamophobia. It acknowledges a wariness of Islam, but implies that the wariness is grounded in knowledge and understanding, rather than irrational fear.


whatdemocracy said...

libertycide and islamolucid can very easily be introduced into english!

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