Monday, 2 April 2012

Udo Ulfkotte is a prolific author and one of the leading critics of Islam in Germany. He recently gave an interview to the Citizen Times, in which he has lots of interesting things to say. I'll translate some more of this interview later, but I found this part at the end especially illustrative of the plight we're in.

The interviewer asks him if he's working on any books at the moment.
Ulfkotte: I don't write only under my own name, but mainly as a ghostwriter for autobiographies from large publishing houses. And at the moment I'm working on an autobiography of a well-known SPD politician [the SPD is the German Socialist party, the main left-wing political grouping in the country]. You'll understand if I don't give you his name. He shares my opinion about Islam, by the way. Only on television and in front of an audience he speaks about it publicly in a completely different way. That gets him votes. In contrast to me, he is a true Muslim hater. But he'll come across completely differently in a book. He was insistent that in many parts of the book he be mentioned in connection with mosque visits and intercultural meetings. That is the side of him the readers will go away with. That's how it is with political correctness.
Source: Citizen Times

UPDATE: Just noticed there's a full translation of this interview on Gates of Vienna, which saves me some work. Read it here. Ulfkotte is somewhat despairing about our present situation. I'll post my thoughts later about whether the Counterjihad is making any progress.


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