Wednesday, 4 April 2012
George Galloway’s third wife has announced he is still married to her and refuses to grant her a divorce, days after his latest wedding to a 27-year-old Dutch anthropologist.

Rima Husseini, who gave birth to her second child by Mr Galloway her four months ago, said yesterday that although Bradford’s new Respect MP “hasn’t done anything illegal”, they remain married under Islamic law.

“Morally, it’s a different story,” she said. “I have been asking for a divorce, but he has been refusing to grant me one for months. To this day he refuses to grant me a divorce.”

“We are still married under Islamic law. There is a misconception you can have up to four wives in Islam - but it’s just not true in the 21st century.

“It may have been the case hundreds of years ago as a way of looking after women in the villages who had lost their husbands, but it doesn’t exist now.

“It’s just a stupid, man-made thing in some Arab countries. Under Islamic law we remain married.

“He came this morning to pick up his son and we spoke.”
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...


(Reuters) - The leader of a British anti-Islamist group said on Friday his populist protest movement, which critics say represents a new far right in Britain, would form a political party in May.

Stephen Lennon, head of the English Defence League (EDL), said the three-year-old grassroots group wanted to move on from holding street demonstrations to contesting elections.

"The British political anti-Islamist party will be launched in May at our Luton demonstration," Lennon told Reuters, saying the new body would be called the Freedom Party.

Note the name. It is not "The British Freedom party". Its a shame that BFP and EDL have not combined.

Happy Propagandist said...

Galloway will be a blight on UK politics. He only cares about himself and his career and will further any cause to get recognition.

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