Thursday, 19 April 2012
If this is true, it is suicide:

"this [Turkish accord] will facilitate the application of these provisions by Member States’ social security institutions. This Decision shall apply:

(a) to Turkish workers who are or have been legally employed in the territory of a Member State and who are or have been subject to the legislation of one or more Member States, and their survivors;

(b) to the members of the family of workers referred to in point (a) provided that these family members are or have been legally resident with the worker concerned while the worker is employed in a Member State;"

H/T: The Slog


Anonymous said...

On lines along Spartacus, "I'm a Turk".

Anonymous said...

The only benefit I'd give them is a one way ticket home. Goat class.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

This is actually the final straw for Europe. It's all over when Turks are given right of abode.

Goodbye western civilisation. I hope you enjoy the new mosque when it is built in the Notre Dame.

Reality Check said...

This is EU evil. This has been decided by the elites. No need to assess its cultural impact, its financial impact. The peasants are too stupid. They will never understand, it's above them. It's at our level! We know what is best!

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