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Let's say there was no Jihad, no mental wall separating Muslims from the rest of the human race, inspiring eternal conflict around itself. Let's also pretend there were no honour killings, no burkas, no sharia courts, no terrorism, no Us and Them mentality, no vote fraud, no halal, no extra-territorial loyalties. Now let's add a few more brushstrokes to this pleasant fantasy. Let's pretend that the crime levels, employment levels and average education attainment of third-world immigrants were exactly the same as those of the indigenous population. Now, in this fictional world, let's go even further and say that the basic evolutionary principle of inclusive fitness did not exist. This is what leads us to favour the interests of those who share our genes, creating the bond of empathy that makes a nation a nation. With all of these changes, there would be only one area in which a significant difference remained between indigenous Europeans and third-world incomers who are colonising their countries: voting patterns.

That sole difference on its own would be sufficient grounds for opposing third-world immigration completely.

In Britain, a campaign is underway to get the Conservative (sic) party to fawn upon ethnic voters even more obsequiously than it does now. Lord Ashcroft is pushing this with a study he commissioned recently, the results of which confirm what we already knew, namely that non-Europeans massively favour left-wing parties.

But I don't think anyone has yet commented on the most significant finding in the study. Look at the graphic above. The various ethnic/religious factions are asked which party they feel most consistently represents them. Add up the scores for the different parties and factions and what do you find? It is white people and Christians who have the lowest scores. They are the ones who feel most unrepresented of all even though they still constitute the overwhelming majority of voters!

Only 42% of whites felt that any of the main three political parties consistently represented them. This compared to 43% of mixed-race people, 54% of Asians and 61% of blacks!

Only 49% of Christians felt that any of the three establishment parties consistently represented them, compared to 49% of Hindus, 56% of Muslims and
58% of Sikhs.

And the lesson Lord Ashcroft draws from this is that the Conservative Party should pander to ethnic minorities even more, leaving indigenous Europeans to feel even more alienated!

The fact that non-European incomers vote in significantly different ways to the indigenous population is a profoundly destabilising factor in our societies. It is altering the political complexion of our countries. Democracy depends on willingness to tolerate governmental policies you may passionately disagree with being administered by parties you didn't vote for. That forbearance - which I call the Covenant of Civil Peace - hangs by the thinnest of threads. People are often made furiously angry by what governments they didn't vote for do. Their willingness to accept the verdict of the polls nonetheless depends on a sense that the result was fairly come by. When, instead, they have the feeling that their voice wasn't properly represented because hate speech laws criminalise the mere expression of their opinions; when they feel that ethnic vote fraud is significantly altering the outcome of elections (and even Baroness Warsi claimed "Asian" vote fraud had cheated the Conservatives out of an absolute majority at the last election); when they feel that newly-arrived aliens are altering the political balance by block-voting for parties that favour their interests by offering more benefits and fewer immigration restrictions; when all of that happens, the Covenant of Civil Peace is going to be sorely tested; the thread of forbearance is going to snap, as it did with Breivik. More and more, Europeans will have the feeling that their democracy has become an ethnic spoils system and is therefore illegitimate. Once enough people feel that the system is illegitimate, we will back in the pre-democratic era, when people resolved their differences by fighting rather than talking.

Sources: Telegraph, Ashcroft report: Degrees of Separation

Source: PI
Sunday, 29 April 2012

Galloway won 75% of the postal vote in the recent Bradford by-election.
"We are totally against postal voting on demand. Postal votes used to be something you got when you literally could not get to the polls; now they're available on demand and, once granted, are yours for ever. So large numbers of postal votes are delivered to places where the person no longer is. Large numbers of them are collected, unfilled-in, by these biradari chiefs," an Urdu word meaning clan seniors. "It's a kind of ritual that they bring votes to the candidate to show them: "Look, I'm bringing in 20 votes; that's 20 votes for you – I'm bringing that in.'" How can he be so sure?

"Well, I know it because they offered to do it to me. Yeah, and I said: 'I don't want to see anybody's vote, and I don't want you to see anybody's vote.' Now, I don't know that they filled them in, rather than the voter, but it's a fair inference; it's a fair inference if someone has got 20 votes in their pocket to take to the town hall, that they were either visibly observing the person filling the vote in – which is wrong, and I think illegal – or filled them in themselves. This happens in Asian areas on a widespread basis, and it is the antithesis of democracy." Does he think some of his own votes came that way? "It's possible, because people offered to show me other people's votes. So I redouble my call for postal voting on demand to be scrapped."
Source: Guardian

If French Muslims are largely left-leaning in their voting preferences, there are exceptions. spoke to three French Muslims of Arab descent, all of whom vote for the far-right National Front party. Here are their testimonies.

By Malika KERKOUD (text)

Karima, policewoman: “Many of my colleagues of Arab descent vote far right, but don’t dare say so.”

A 33-year-old naturalised French citizen of Moroccan origin, Karima is a mother of three, married to a Frenchman. She arrived in France 15 years ago, and has a diploma in Computer Science from a French university. Now she works as a policewoman in Paris and declined to provide her last name.

Karima says she started becoming interested in the ideas of Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the extreme-right National Front party, in 2002. That was almost a decade before Le Pen handed over the party leadership to his youngest daughter, Marine, in 2011. These days, Karima says she regularly attends party meetings and votes for National Front candidates whenever she can.

“My vote is an expression of my rejection of certain Muslim Arabs [in France], whom I personally consider ‘thugs’. They’ve destroyed French society. At least in the old days, they lived in the same suburbs,” said Karima, referring to the largely immigrant, impoverished “banlieues” of major French metropolises. “But for the last several years, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, has done everything in his power to house them in nice neighbourhoods – like the 15th district, where I live.”

She says she is generally furious at these French-born citizens of North African origin who show no consideration for their country. If the National Front ever gets a candidate elected to the presidency, she would like to see people who “don’t deserve” their French nationality stripped of their citizenship.

According to Karima, many of her “colleagues of Arab descent vote far right, but don’t dare say so”.

Farid Smahi, former National Front office employee: “I’m Arab, I celebrate Ramadan, and I vote Le Pen”

Farid Smahi, 59, is a Frenchman of Algerian descent, a father of three children, and graduate of a French university with a degree in French literature. He currently works for an association that offers aid to people in need in the Paris area. His father fought in the French army during World War II, before becoming an activist for Algerian independence.

“You can’t be both Algerian and French,” Smahi noted. His conversion to far-right politics occurred when he returned from a trip to the Palestinian Territories, which he describes as a giant open-air prison. His opposition to French citizens having two passports, coupled with his appreciation for Jean-Marie Le Pen’s criticism of Israel, led Smahi to join the National Front. Though he was once employed by one of the National Front’s bureaus, Smahi no longer works for the party; he was asked to leave after publicly denouncing Marine Le Pen’s “closeness with Zionists”.

Before he joined the party, Smahi confronted then-leader Jean-Marie Le Pen over his stance toward France’s black and Arab residents. He says he wanted to make sure that Le Pen was not planning to expel them. “I looked him in the eye, and he told me that was not his plan,” Smahi recalled. “I saw that he was an experienced and free-thinking politican.”

According to Smahi, most of the Arabs and Muslims who voted for Marine Le Pen in the first round of this year’s presidential election are those who arrived in France recently: doctors and engineers, for example, who had good jobs in their native countries, but decided to flee the repressive dictatorships of these countries.

“These are people who suffered to become French,” Smahi said. “Unlike those others who were born here and continue to vote for the left, when they still don’t understand that it’s the left that dumped them in the ghettos to begin with.”

Smahi expressed his distaste for Arabs and Muslims who have not yet adopted the ways of their country of residence. “I’m Arab, I celebrate Ramadan, and I vote National Front. I don’t like halal meat anymore. I can’t stand women who wear the headscarf, and even less, women who wear the burqa. France is a beautiful country,” he said. “In France, we drink wine and we eat pork. My Muslim compatriots need to calm down, and stop imposing their religion on society.” His bottom line: “We’re in France: love it or leave it.”

Myriam, hotel maid: “The day the National Front is in power, things will be different.”

Myriam, aged 45, is a French woman of Tunisian origin who also declined to provide her last name. Married, with four children, she has lived in the Parisian suburb of Melun for the past 20 years. After dropping out of school because of “family problems”, she began working as a maid in a Parisian hotel.

Myriam does not have kind things to say about her black and Arab compatriots. In her view, they are the cause of all of France’s problems. “If I could change my origins, I’d do it with pleasure,” she admitted.

“The only concern of Blacks and Arabs is looking for a way to get around French law to profit from the social benefits offered here, and to make money without making any effort. They’ve ruined our reputation,” she said. “It’s true that some of them struggle and work hard, but many others…take advantage of the help offered by the government. The day the National Front is in power, things will be different.”
Source: France24

Sometimes you see words in a foreign language for which there's no direct equivalent in English. Occasionally, this is a matter of regret when the words beautifully, and concisely, express an idea. For example, this website's motto "Where Islam spreads, freedom dies" derives from me thinking about the French word "liberticide" [freedom-killing], which you often see used in discussions about Islam in France. In English, you have to express the same idea in a phrase rather than a word.

Recently, I came across another word in French that perfectly captures an idea: islamolucide. An "Islamolucide" is someone who is clear-sighted about Islam, someone who has no illusions about its true nature. In other words, everyone in the Counterjihad movement could be said to be "Islamolucide". Again, there's no direct equivalent in English. But "IslamAware" might do as a near substitute. This word is a potentially useful tool in the polemics about Islam, racism, islamophobia, etc.

Example usages:
Television interviewer: Are you an islamophobe?
Counterjihadist: No, I'm IslamAware.

Today a number of IslamAware groups like the EDL, SIOE and Cities Against Islamisation gathered in Munich...
The word is a useful retort to the charge of Islamophobia. It acknowledges a wariness of Islam, but implies that the wariness is grounded in knowledge and understanding, rather than irrational fear.

This is VilleUrbanne, France, close to Lyon, last Friday. The film was made by Rebeyne!, a French identitarian/nationalist group affiliated with the Bloc Identitaire.

Each Friday it's the same thing: dozens of vehicles invade the district, hundreds of Muslims take possession of the streets and set themselves up to pray around an undeclared Koran school. Infuriated by the disturbance, shocked by these weekly shows of force, the inhabitants of the Saint-Jean district of Villeurbanne have tried in vain to alert the public authorities. Town hall, prefecture, police, no one has deigned to respond to them and intervene to put an end to this intolerable situation. Desperate, the local residents contacted us last month to inform us of the situation. Rebeyne! thus turned up on the spot to film the incredible.

The images speak for themselves: for two hours the district is completely sealed off, the vehicles pile up, preventing some local residents from leaving their homes. Forced to adapt themselves to the timetable of the prayers, the district is obliged to live according to the Muslim schedule. To try and keep traffic flowing, some of the worshippers replace the municipal police, which doesn't prevent an infernal concert of car horns. What will the next stage be?

Abandoned by the public authorities, the indigenous French turn to the only force of resistance that dares to break the law of silence on the islamisation of our cities. It is the duty of the identitarians to show the reality that the media and politicians hide from us. How can they now continue to ignore what the residents of the district themselves are starting to nickname "Kaboulleurbanne" [Kabul-urbanne]?
Source: Rebeyne! Via:

Saturday, 28 April 2012
Weapons on their own kill no one. They need they power of ideas

A few weeks ago I posted about the competition being run by the anti-Islam Pro NRW movement in Germany to find new anti-Islam cartoons and images. The first fruits of the competition have been made public. One of the images is posted above. I'll post more later.

Source: PI
Italy family sizes are shrinking but the population is still managing to grow thanks to immigration, the national statistics office said Friday, giving figures for 2011 compared with 2001.

The population stood at 59.464 million in October 2011, with 2.468 million more people than in 2001 - largely thanks to the number of foreigners in Italy, which grew three-fold over the last decade, rising to 3.769 million.

"The sharp rise in the number of foreign citizens contributed in a significant way to the rise in the total population" Istat said, while confirming that "the trend of stagnation of the Italian demographic continues."

Recently, a flash tool became available that shows the popularity of baby names in Britain based on data since 1996. I thought I'd feed in "Mohammed" and its variants and see what came up. The results are below. It's a dramatic illustration of the pace of Muslim colonisation in Britain. Remember, these results are only from 1996-2010, a span of 15 years. During that period, the name "Muhammad" has grown in popularity from 441 per year to 2451 per year, more than quintupling in frequency.

If you want to run the experiment yourself, the tool is here.

Friday, 27 April 2012

In an interview with the REN TV channel, the Muslim lawyer Daguir Khassavov has demanded the introduction of Sharia in Russia.
"We consider this to be our home. Perhaps it's you who are the foreigners. We are in our own home and we are going to institute the rules that suit us, whether you like it or not. Any attempt to prevent it will result in a bloody response ... We will drown Moscow in blood," declared the lawyer.

"We are going to extent our network (…). We will start with Russia, then move on to Asia, absorbing the entire Arab world in the end. The Muslims of the world must unite. They must create a single system. Russia must offer us this possibility," he continued.
Source: RIA Novosti Via: Observatoire de l'islamisation

Haha! This Muslim has now had to flee Russia for an unspecified "European country" because of the hostile reaction to his remarks. The commenter who said the Russians know how to deal with these people was right.

A prominent Muslim figure who pledged to "cover Moscow in blood" if the authorities refuse to establish Islamic law has fled Russia, the BBC Russian service reported on Friday, citing an activist group.

Dagir Khasavov fled to a "European country" after receiving threats, the Russian Political Emigre Society said.

Prosecutors said on Thursday they saw "calls for extremism" in a televised interview earlier this week in which Khasavov, a lawyer and aide to an upper house committee chairman, said any attempt to stop the introduction of a system of Shari'a courts would "result in blood."

"We will turn [Moscow] into a second Dead Sea," Khasavov told the REN TV channel.

Russia's Chief Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin has condemned Khasavov's remarks, and liberal opposition party Yabloko leader Sergei Mitrokhin asked prosecutors to bring extremist charges against him.

The Federal Lawyer Chamber has called for his licence to be revoked.
Khasavov has said his remarks were misunderstood.

His son, Arslan, said his father has been made a "scapegoat."
Source H/T Maria José

Josep Anglada, leader of the PxC party which leads the fight against the islamisation of Catalonia and Spain, has been been besieged in his home by a hundreds-strong mob, said to consist mainly of North Africans.

For two successive days, far left organisations had organised an anti-PxC demonstration in front of the town hall in Vic, Anglada's home city. On the second day, the mob of demonstrators, said to number around three hundred and to consist mainly of North Africans, marched to Anglada's home. There they chanted insults to both he and his wife and made threats against him, including death threats. Anglada's car was attacked and its windows smashed. Other cars and containers in the vicinity was also attacked and damaged. Traffic was cut off for about half an hour.

A full report was made to the police but so far no arrests have been made. Anglada has appealed for those who care about democratic values to take a strong stand against politically-motivated violence, but the Catalan establishment seems uninterested. The media has barely reported the incident. No politicians of other parties have expressed any solidarity with Anglada and one Communist deputy even seemed to take pleasure in the incident, posting on his Twitter account that it was "the price of being a fascist".

Several PxC officials have been accosted recently, sometimes physically, by leftists or Muslims. Josep Anglada has complained that there are far-left websites whose sole function is to foment hatred against his party and to track party events and the movements of its officials, the better to facilitate physical attacks on them.

The British far-left movement, Unite Against Fascism, recently set up an affiliate in Catalonia, Unitat Contra El Feixisme, to attempt to counter the success of the anti-immigration, anti-Islam PxC.

Sources: Alerta Digital, Alerta Digital

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The New Statesman reveals today that George Galloway converted to Islam ten years ago.
George Galloway, MP for Bradford West, is a Muslim. He converted more than ten years ago in a ceremony at a hotel in Kilburn, north-west London, attended by members of the Muslim Association of Great Britain. Those close to him know this. The rest of the world, including his Muslim constituents, does not.
Source: New Statesman

Some commenters had already raised this possibility, given that Galloway had married Muslim women and it is prohibited for non-Muslim men to do so.

It's worth reading this extract from an interview with Galloway in the Scottish Catholic Observer. It appeared last year when he ran (unsuccessfully) for a seat in the Scottish Parliament elections. Galloway clearly contrives to give the impression that he is a Catholic.
Now 56, Mr Galloway’s own spiritual journey has been complex. Although he lost his Catholic Faith in his 20s, he began regaining it in his 30s.

“The thing that brought me back to my Faith, and I raise this with some trepidation as I am in an election, was the issue of abortion,” he said. “I was coming under tremendous pressure in left-wing politics to support abortion. Whereas I believed not just from my early Faith but intellectually that this was not a question of rights but a question of the destruction of someone’s rights. The unborn child who was helpless and, moreover, most in need of the protection of society, yet society was legislating and the social consensus had developed that abortion was some kind of progressive thing.”

“In 1982 there was a big push in the Labour party in Dundee on this question and I was practically the only defender of the pro-life position,” he said. “Being forced to sit down and think through all these things brought me back to Faith because if you believe that the unborn child is a human being and has rights then you believe life begins at conception and there is no other point at which it can begin and that takes you on to areas of God.”

Since then, however, he has found that that rediscovered Faith has been a source of great solace.

“It goes hand-in-hand with my politics,” he said. “I believe we are all God’s children, we are all our brother’s keeper and that informs my internationalism and social democratic beliefs.”

It has also made him a defender of God in an increasingly antagonistic secular society.
Source: Scottish Catholic Observer

UPDATE: Galloway is now denying that this conversion ceremony took place although he has pointedly refused to deny that he is a Muslim. See the Daily Mail's account here. The New Statesman sticks by its story.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

In recent years, many European governments have grasped that the Muslims are using family reunification or marriage rules to bypass normal immigration requirements. Consequently, the rules have been tightened. In Austria, for example, prospective immigrants seeking admission to the country based on marriage or family reunification now have to demonstrate a basic knowledge of German.

All of those efforts to limit Muslim colonisation have now been swept away by a decision of the European Court of Justice, at least in relation to Turks. The court ruled that Turks were entitled to be treated in accordance with the association agreement Turkey signed with the European Community decades ago. Any tightening of the rules since then has been invalidated. Since Austria joined the EU in 1995, Turks must now be treated in accordance with the rules in force then. That means goodbye German-language requirement. Germany is in a similar situation but, in its case, the applicable rules date from 1971.

This is very bad news for Germany and Austria as most of the Muslim colonists there are Turks.

Sources: SOS Heimat, Die Presse

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A study from the French government's statistical agency INED has brought to light an interesting fact that vividly illustrates the stakes in the current presidential elections in France. 18% of French indigenes (defined as those who are neither immigrants nor the children of immigrants) have been the target of racist insults, remarks or attitudes.

Of course this anti-European racism is resolutely ignored by the many taxpayer-funded organisations that, under the banner of anti-racism, agitate against the interests of indigenous Europeans.

We saw the same thing illustrated in Britain today, when the negro Lee Jasper, chairman of Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts, denied that blacks were capable of racism.
“No black person in the UK can be racist. Racism is prejudice plus power. Black people can be prejudiced but not racist.”
Source: Telegraph

Source: Novopress

Monday, 23 April 2012

L'Observatoire de l'Islamisation reports that a federation of 700 mosques under the control of the Grand Mosque of Paris undertook a massive mobilisation in favour of the Socialist candidate Hollande in the recent, and still ongoing, election campaign in France.

Today we have to vote against Nicolas Sarkozy “to defend our dignity against Islamophobia and the stigmatisation pf members of our community”, affirmed Mohamed Salah Hamza, rector of the mosque of the 18ème arrondissement in Paris. For their part, Kamel Kabtane, rector of the Grand Mosque of Lyon, Azzedine Gaci (UOIF), of the mosque of Villeurbanne, Laid Bendidi, of Saint-Fons, ou Fawzi Hamdi, rector to Vaulx-en-Velin, also called for "The Muslims of France cannot remain with their arms crossed”.

According to these imams, the Muslims of France “can no longer content themselves with being "spectators" in these elections. They must become actors of their own change. And to be heard, they must take their destiny in hand by exercising their right to vote in their soul and conscience”, they argue in giving instructions to vote for François Hollande, the premier adversary of Nicholas Sarkozy.

The latter attracts the ire of the Muslims, according to Marianne2 [left-wing magazine] which reports that a call to vote has been launched in favour of François Hollande” by the activists of the Front des Banlieues Indépendants [Front of the Independent Banlieues], which fears massive abstention in the working-class districts. “They will exhort the faithful to vote against those who, in recent months, have ceaselessly criminalised the Muslim community (…) and to make your vote count, which is to say give it to François Hollande.”
Source: L'Observatoire de l'Islamisation
President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday reached out to the 18 per cent of voters who backed far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France's first-round vote, saying an "answer must be given" to their concerns.

"We must respect the voters' will, it is our duty to listen," Sarkozy told journalists. "There was this crisis vote that doubled from one election to another, an answer must be given to this crisis vote."

Le Pen's score Sunday was nearly double the 10.4 percent her father Jean-Marie took as the National Front (FN) candidate in the 2007 first round.
Source: Telegraph

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Only 5 points behind the incumbent Sarko.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist candidate François Hollande will face off in the second round of France's presidential election after edging out the far right's Marine Le Pen in Sunday's first round of voting.
By Joseph BAMAT (text)

Socialist presidential challenger François Hollande topped the first round of France’s presidential election on Sunday with 28.4 percent of votes, while incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy finished second with 25.5 percent, according to exit polls. Those figures set up a widely expected run-off between Sarkozy and the candidate of France’s main opposition party who led most voter intentions surveys before the first round.

Official results announced by France’s Interior Ministry at 8pm showed Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front party, had conquered third place with 20%, the Ipsos polling agency said. Far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon took 11.5%, and centrist François Bayrou 8.5%. The placement of the two leading candidates in the election were in line with dozens of opinion surveys published before Sunday’s ballot, but Le Pen’s figures were well above any of those forecasts.

Marine Le Pen far exceeded her father’s shocking second-place 16.86% score in the 2002 presidential race. Even if it was not enough to get her to the second round, the extraordinary score confirmed her presence at the head of the anti-immigration National Front party and in France's political landscape for years to come. A drop in voter intentions for Sarkozy in the final weeks of the campaign appears to have swung to the far-right camp.
Source: France24

According to the polls, Socialist candidate Hollande should prevail in the first round of the French presidential elections today and then the second round two weeks later, barring a major upset. Along with Merkel in Germany, Sarkozy has been one of the principal forces obstruction Turkey's accession to the EU. So how will a President Hollande change that? In both France and Germany, the Socialist parties are much more favourable to Turkish accession. So certainly the mood music will change a little. But in fact, Hollande has been much more stand-offish about Turkey than most of the rest of his party. Asked about the issue during the presidential campaign, Hollande was emphatic that there would be no Turkish accession during the next five-year presidential term.
"Today, there is a negotiation process which has also been underway for several years" but "no major condition has been fulfilled, and therefore, in the next five-year term, there will be no Turkish accession to the European Union." Pressed by journalists, Mr Hollande insisted: "That will not happen in the next five-year term", if he is elected on the 6 May.
Source: Le Monde For several years Hollande has let it be understood that, if he was elected president, the negotiations with Turkey would be very long. Turkey's refusal to apply the customs union to the Greek part of Cyprus is a particular sticking point, as is Turkey's failure to recognise the Armenian Genocide. In 2004, when he met Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in his capacity as First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Hollande said he was in favour of Turkey's accession to the EU in principle, "on condition that the accession criteria are fulfilled" mentioning particularly "the question of human right and recognition of the Armenian Genocide."
Two months later, he signed, along with Mourad Papazian, president of the Armenian Socialist Party, a joint text calling for Turkey to recognise the Armenian Genocide. Because, perhaps even more than the Cypriot question, it is Ankara's failure to recognise the Armenian Genocide of 1915 that has inspired the position of Mr Hollande. For a long time the candidate has interested himself in Armenia and has gone out of his way to ensure that his party was on point in the battle for recognition of this genocide.

More recently, while the socialist groups in the senate and national assembly seemed to get in a muddle on the vote on the proposed law criminalising denial of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, which was presented on the initiative of Nicolas Sarkozy's majority, he said that he personally was in favour of its adoption. He has never wavered on this object of tension between Paris and Ankara.
Source: Le Monde

So, it looks as though it's not as bad as it might have been if the Socialists win in France.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Remember the heroic band of Muslims story from the riots last year? In the context of what was effectively a third-world uprising against the indigenous population of Britain, the media were desperately searching for a counter-narrative. They found it in the ethnic gangs who banded together to defend their shops from the rioters. These ethnics had the virtues we corrupt British had lost, we were told: community solidarity, pride of belonging, can-do attitude, etc. Then, when a group of British indigenes in Eltham decided to defend their territory too, a massive police formation was assembled to confront and disperse them. Europeans aren't allowed to defend their territory, you see.

But the most prominent of these "heroic ethnics" narratives was the Birmingham one, in which three Muslims were killed by a vehicle, setting the stage for the convicted criminal and former Hizb ut-Tahrir member, Tariq Jahan, to unleash his "Pride of Britain" act on the world, thereby dodging another prison sentence for the act of GBH he had committed only a few weeks before.

Anyone who was really, really paying attention at the time - and that means almost no one except me - could see that there were holes in the Muslim hero story from the start. The media did its best to cover these up. But as I noted here and here, the Muslims were clearly committing criminal offences, walking around carrying weapons, and attacking passing cars without provocation.

Now that the case has come to trial, The Times report essentially confirms these observations today, although the media is still doing its best to place the emphasis elsewhere.

Even the prosecutor had to admit that the Muslims were an "unruly mob":
Mr Spencer told jurors that because of the group’s behaviour – throwing objects at passing cars which they assumed were filled with looters – it could be “characterised as an unruly mob”. But he added that their actions “had to be seen in the context of a breakdown in public order”.
Source: The Times (£)

Crucially, when the cars drove at the Muslims and killed three of them, in what the prosecution claimed was a deliberate, coordinated attack, it was in response to a previous incident. Only a few minutes before, the Muslims had attacked and damaged one of the cars without provocation as it drove past. In other words: the Muslims were the aggressors. The car they attacked was brand-new. So the damage must have been particularly irksome to its owner. He wanted payback.
The plan, devised after a car newly bought by the brother of one of the men was damaged by objects thrown by Asians minutes earlier, culminated in a car ploughing into the group at speed. Three men were catapulted into the air and killed.

The group of up to 100 Asian men, many of them armed with bats and bricks, had been patrolling the pavements of Winson Green in Birmingham at the height of last August’s riots amid fears that their businesses would be attacked and robbed by looters rampaging through the lawless streets.
Source: The Times (£)

The prosecution also revealed that the defendants were guilty of a crime worse than murder: racism.
Jurors have also been told that some of the looters, who were mainly black and white youths, had flung racial slurs at the group of Asian men.
Source: The Times (£)

But I'm sure the 100 members of that "unruly mob" of tooled-up Muslims never dared to think a racist thought or speak a racist word as they attacked every passing vehicle that had negroes in it, right?

Thursday, 19 April 2012
If this is true, it is suicide:

"this [Turkish accord] will facilitate the application of these provisions by Member States’ social security institutions. This Decision shall apply:

(a) to Turkish workers who are or have been legally employed in the territory of a Member State and who are or have been subject to the legislation of one or more Member States, and their survivors;

(b) to the members of the family of workers referred to in point (a) provided that these family members are or have been legally resident with the worker concerned while the worker is employed in a Member State;"

H/T: The Slog
Friday, 13 April 2012
The blog will be on hiatus for a while, hopefully back soon.
Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How do you get young non-white people to vote for you when you’re a middle-aged balding white man? François Hollande has the answer.

Take a popular song by two famous US rap stars. Film yourself surrounded by black and Arab voters who say “big-up”. Change your name to initials only. Get some Final Cut whiz kid to paste it all together with a load of fast-forward and zoom. Set up a YouTube account with the word “crew” in it.

And upload.
Source: France24

Many people against multiculturalism avoided casting votes for the governing Saenuri Party and the minor opposition New Progressive Party in Wednesday’s National Assembly elections on fears of having a nationalized citizen as a legislator.

Few hesitated to express their deep disappointment in the two parties’ support for non-Koreans and Korean nationals with multicultural backgrounds. They argued that the appalling recent murder in Suwon by a Korean-Chinese man reveals the side effects destroying the “homogeneity of Korean society.”

The two parties named Philippine-born Jasmine Lee and Pak No-ja, a Russian-born professor at the University of Oslo in Norway, on their list of candidates for proportional representative seats.

“I just cast my vote for the sake of the nation and the race,” a blogger posted Wednesday on Internet forum “Against Multiculturalism Policy.”

“Many people have lined up to vote in my town. Of course, the two foreigners will not get in.”

Another blogger, identified as “Multiculturalism means multiple races,” urged other voters to avoid casting ballots for political parties that have been supportive of Korea becoming a multicultural society.

“I cast my vote early by excluding parties eager to embrace a multiracial, multicultural society from my choice,” he said. “The Saenuri Party went insane. Don’t ever cast a vote for it.”

The blogger said he filed a complaint against the conservative party for placing Lee, secretary-general of non-profit organization Sharing Water Drops, 15th on its list of proportional representatives.

“It will just be a matter of time before East Asians make up the half of the population,” he argued.

A blogger, indentified as “inferno,” called for a rise in nationalism, saying the Saenuri Party has given up its conservative doctrine.

“I’m a conservative, but I refuse to vote for the Saenuri Party because it has become a load of trash that no longer deserves to be labeled conservative,” he said.

“Now is time for us to prepare for the rebirth of true conservatism in Korea.”

The blogger said he and members of the Alliance for Eliminating Crimes by Foreigners were planning to stage a rally today or Friday in protest of promoting multiculturalism in front of the Government Complex in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province.

Numerous bloggers also expressed their deep concern over the promotion of multiculturalism, threatening to shun political parties that overlook problems created by foreigners on messages that they posted on the official website of Cheong Wa Dae.

“As you know Korea is a country with good security,” a blogger named Lee Hyung-in wrote. “If foreign criminal rings come to Korea and stay here as a hideout, Korea will be a playground for foreign criminals.”

Bae Jin-a, a kindergarten teacher, said that politicians are discriminating their own countrymen for the sake of giving more incentives to foreigners.

Bae said she discovered that the government subsidizes fees for kindergartens for families with a multicultural background regardless of their income level.

“They seem to believe it is obligatory for us to treat them as special because they are foreigners. Some do not take their children home even though they are not working and at home,” she said. “I don’t understand why the government fully pays for the education for all multicultural families, including the ones owning many apartments and lots of land.”
Source: Korea Times

This is a healthy reaction to the beginning of invasion. It is clear that the islamisation of Europe is the worst consequence of the invasion, and the one we need to focus on tackling. But the whole idea of breaking up the ancestral homogeneity of nations and diversifying them with the ever-increasing admixture of foreign populations is fundamentally insane. It is like opening Pandora's box. You know that something bad is going to happen but you don't know what. Well, the bad thing that happened was Islam. And now we need to grapple with that problem. But we should never forget that at the root of our current predicament is the very idea that attaching importance to the the cultural, historical and, yes, genetic connectedness of people who have lived together in a certain area of land for a prolonged length of time is somehow morally illegitimate. It is not. That connectedness across the generations, and its link to place, is the essence of any healthy national life.

Mohammedans attack PI

In this video Mohammedans boast of attacking Germany's leading Islam-critical website, Politically Incorrect. They claim they made it unavailable at 8 pm on the 9th of April and say it was targeted because it "stirred up hate" against Islam, "our religion, our holy prophet and our sisters". PI's administrators and users are addressed as "Dear Apes and Dear Swine".

Bizarrely, at the end of the video, after boasting about stifling free expression, they claim to be fully integrated into Germany!

It's not clear what the nature of the attack was, most likely just a Denial-of-Service operation.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

According to Le Figaro, the radical Islamic group Forsane Alizza (Knights of Pride), which some reports have linked with Mohamed Merah, planned to attack the left-wing newspaper Libération and the French nationalist political movement Bloc Identitaire.

Libération is the French equivalent of the Guardian. Normally sympathetic to the point of lunacy with Muslims and immigrants generally, it managed to attract Forsane Alizza's ire by siding with Charlie Hebdo when the magazine's offices were firebombed after it printed a cartoon of Mohammed. Charlie Hebdo staff were even accommodated within Libération's offices for a time when their own were in an unusable state. Apparently Forsane Alizza planned to inflict "the same fate" on Libération.

The Mohammedans also planned to attack the "far right" nationalist movement Bloc Identitaire which campaigns against halal meat and the islamisation of France.

It had already been revealed that Forsane Alizza were considering kidnapping a member of the Jewish Defence League and a judge from Lyon.

Source: Le Figaro

Source: Le Monde

This article is interesting because it shows there is a precedent for depriving Mohammedans of their citizenship, even though in the process they are made stateless. Something like this may have to be done when the Great Muslim Repatriation occurs.

Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says this:
(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

At the moment Britain only deprives people of citizenship if they would not be made stateless thereby, in other words if they are dual nationals. But here the UAE has deprived Mohammedans of citizenship even though (as far as I can tell) they were born in the country and have no other citizenship.
DUBAI (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates on Monday detained six Islamist activists whose citizenship was revoked last year after they demanded political reform in the Gulf Arab state, their lawyer said.

The UAE, a top oil exporter, has weathered popular uprisings that have toppled four Arab heads of state since last year, thanks in part to its cradle-to-grave welfare system, but it has shown little tolerance towards dissent at home.

Jail terms have been imposed on activists who sought greater power for an elected body. In December, the UAE revoked the citizenship of six nationals it had described as posing a threat to national security.

A daughter of one of the six said her father, Muhammed Abdel Razzaq al-Siddiq, was detained by police on Monday after refusing to sign a declaration to seek a new nationality within two weeks or face imprisonment.

"My father called us... He refused to sign the declaration as now he is stateless, so he was detained along with the other five men," Alaa al-Siddiq told Reuters.

Mohammed al-Roken, a lawyer defending the six, confirmed the six had been detained for refusing to seek an alternative citizenship and said they have been transferred to prison. He also described stripping the six off their nationality as "unconstitutional."

A seventh Emirati, Ahmed al-Suwaidi, whose citizenship was also revoked last year, has been held for weeks, he said.

A UAE official said he was checking the report.

The case has set a precedent in the UAE, raising questions about rights and political reform in the oil producing Gulf Arab state.

Siddiq told Reuters last week he believed his citizenship was revoked because he had signed a petition sent to UAE leaders demanding the country's Federal National Council, an advisory body, be given more powers.

He also said he believed the men have been targeted for their Islamist political orientation. He and the other five men whose citizenship was revoked in December were members of Islamist organization al-Islah (Reform).

Monday, 9 April 2012

17 activists threw yogurt and eggs at Greek news presenter Panagiotis Bourchas during an on-air studio interview in the Epiros TV1 newsroom on Friday night. Their message was for him to not invite any more neo-Nazi (sic) guests onto his show: The week before, Bourchas had interviewed a member of the nationalist far-right Chrystos Avgi or Golden Dawn political organization, which is openly anti-immigrant and neo-Nazi (sic).

In the Telegraph today, and in this week’s Spectator, Ed West argues that we should give privileged treatment to the asylum applications of Iraq’s persecuted Christians. Although he doesn’t quite state it outright, he is in effect saying that we should let all of Iraq’s Christians come and live here. Their numbers have fallen from 1 million to the current 400,000 since the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime freed the jihadi impulse from the restraints his brutal dictatorship had imposed on it.

And the same tendencies are apparent all across the Middle East, basking in the false light of the “Arab Spring”. It is childishly naive to support democracy in the Middle East for the simple reason that democracy simply gives Muslims the freedom to follow their naturally evil impulses and persecute everyone who isn’t a Muslim. From the perspective of either western interests or civility in general, reasonably benign, reasonably non-corrupt dictators are better. Indeed, even malign and corrupt dictators are preferable to jihad-oriented democracies.

Granting asylum is almost never a good idea, even in the tiny minority of cases where the claims of persecution are genuine. Why? Because enlightened government only ever emerges after a process of conflict. Europeans only achieved freedom and prosperity after centuries of conflict with their own governments. But by acting as safety valves for those who are in conflict with oppressive regimes, asylum systems simply reduce the pressures of this conflict between what is and what should be and therefore tend to perpetuate the unjust status quo.

There are, as I see it, two alternatives to the gradual disappearance of Christians from the Middle East. One is for them to pay jizya. If the Christians agreed to pay jizya and meekly submit to Islamic rule, they would probably be left alone enough for them to at least preserve their own existence. That is, after all, how they survived through all the centuries of Muslim rule until now.

Of course, the idea of paying jizya is utterly abhorrent and I am not advocating it. But if it did happen, it would at least provide a clear illustration of the innate evilness of Islam to our still-deluded western compatriots.

A better solution, however, is to give the Christians their own homeland. Absent the paying of jizya or western-friendly dictators, Christians will never be safe in a country where the government is dominated by Muslims. Even if the governments go through the motions of trying to protect the Christians, in practice it or its junior officials will perform these protection duties half-heartedly at best and most likely will look the other way while the jihadis go on the rampage.

Christians will only be secure once they have a territory of their own, where they control the government, the police and the military forces. The argument for this is essentially the same one that led to the creation of Israel. We need a new Israel. A Christian one.

It would be nice to think that there could be an international consensus on the need for Middle-Eastern Christians to have their own homeland. Realistically, that’s not likely to happen. So we should just invade the relevant territory, occupy it and declare it to be a new country. Of course I realise that our leaders are pusillanimous fools who won’t not do this, but it’s important to remind ourselves occasionally of what rational government would look like – of what the policies of our governments would be if they weren’t shaped by cowards, traitors and fools.

The best place for a new Christian state is probably the plains of Nineveh. That is where the Christians of Iraq are most heavily concentrated. We could call the new state Nineveh. The name even has an epic, poetic quality, much like Israel. It would probably require a prolonged western military presence during its formative years but that shouldn’t be a problem, as the inhabitants will be Christian, not Muslim, so there should be fewer IEDs and the like.

If launching an unprovoked invasion of Nineveh is considered too extreme, there are various ways in which it could be made more palatable to audiences both domestic and international. A justification for it could be built up gradually. For example, we could start by covertly arming and advising the Christians there. When fighting breaks out, our governments could express grave concern and turn it into a major media theme. Once it has become enough of a public issue, we could invade the region under the pretence of restoring peace. After that, we just need to wait a few years until passions have died down then hold a referendum on the future status of the territory. Once the Christians vote for independence, we recognise the new state and it’s Game Over. The whole thing could be more or less a repeat of what happened in Kosovo, except this time we’d be establishing a Christian state instead of a Muslim one.

A Christian state in Nineveh, allied to the West as it must be, could also prove strategically useful in future. Plus there are some tasty oil reserves there. What’s not to like?

This is a good place to quote Kipling. Is it time to bring back Nineveh? And Tyre?
God of our fathers, known of old--
Lord of our far-flung battle line
Beneath whose awful hand we hold
Dominion over palm and pine--
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget - lest we forget!

The tumult and the shouting dies;
The captains and the kings depart:
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice,
An humble and a contrite heart.
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget - lest we forget!

Far-called, our navies melt away;
On dune and headland sinks the fire:
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,
Lest we forget - lest we forget!

If, drunk with sight of power, we loose
Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe--
Such boasting as the Gentiles use
Or lesser breeds without the law--
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget - lest we forget!

For heathen heart that puts her trust
In reeking tube and iron shard--
All valiant dust that builds on dust,
And guarding, calls not Thee to guard--
For frantic boast and foolish word,
Thy mercy on Thy people, Lord!

Defending Sikh girls from Pakistani sexual predation

This is a fascinating video from the 80s that shows the Paki grooming gangs were at it even back then. It describes a Sikh group that was formed in Birmingham to prevent Pakistani sexual predation on underage Sikh girls. Note the claims of kidnapping, rape and forced prostitution. At the time, this would have sounded utterly fantastical. But we now know with certainty that this is exactly what the Pakis get up to. Although some of the members of the Sikh group are allowed to speak, the programme contrives to give the impression that they are just a bunch of prejudiced fantasists.

This is from the BNP website, where you can find more information.

Source: BNP

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Last year I wrote about how some Muslims in France were allegedly emigrating to Britain to escape Islamonausea in France. Here's another example of a woman considering this.
Mounia Bassnaoui is living on the edge. Since the 23-year-old decided a year ago to wear an Islamic veil, cloaking her body and head but leaving her face visible, she has been spat at, chased down the road and endured shouts of "al Qaeda!" from gangs of youths in her Paris neighbourhood.

She lost her job as a junior accountant with the government, owing to French regulations banning religious clothing in state buildings. And, despite being born in France to Moroccan parents, she feels she may have to leave the country for Holland or the UK.

"It's frightening at the moment," she said. "France is the worst place in Europe to be a Muslim, because the government is so against us. And if Nicolas Sarkozy is re-elected, it can only get worse."
Source: Telegraph

Note she dons the veil knowing full well it's going to lead to the loss of her job. No doubt the French taxpayer is now paying for her subsistence.

Once European governments start to get serious about dealing with the Mohammedan menace, we're going to see a lot of this displacement-type immigration. Of course, the EU's free-movement rules make it almost impossible to guard against. Whichever country behaves most pusillanimously towards the Muslims is going to end up with a lot more of them. Why do I get the feeling it's likely to be Britain?

This report from the congress of the UOIF (the Muslim Brotherhood front group in France) is a good illustration of the sickness of the Muslim mind.
The general view is that the rupture between the government and Muslims became official with the Mohamed Merah affair. Several days from the presidential election, the killing in Toulouse and Montauban have left a sickening odour behind them. To such an extent that Abdel Hafid, an owner of a beauty products shop in his fifties, doesn't hesitate to laugh: "I sometimes think about putting a green crescent on my shirt", referring to the yellow star worn by Jews during the Second World War.

In the same angry vein, Karima, a student from Toulouse in her twenties who wears the niqab, loses her temper. "After what happened in Toulouse, I am regularly being insulted in the street. I don't feel safe any more. My father advises me to only go out with someone else. It's just incredible ... It's as if this affair had been completely staged to hurt the Muslims in France..." she curses.

A conspiracy theory that resonates in the corridors of the hall in between the Mickey Mouse balloons of the children and the pushchairs of the mothers.
Source: France24

So, in deference to the tenets of Islam as enshrined in the core texts of his religion, Mohammed Merah, possibly in concert with other Muslims, goes on a jihad spree, murdering the infidel. Yet in the sick Muslim mind, this conspiracy by Muslims to murder non-Muslims is transformed into a conspiracy by non-Muslims against Muslims!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Recently I read Adrian Hastings' book "The Construction of Nationhood - Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism". In it, the author discusses the historical role of religions in shaping a sense of nationhood. Tracing the history of nation formation in Africa, he points out that Christianity, and in particular the translation of the Bible into one of the local languages, was often a key stimulus to a sense of collective identity that later matured into nationhood. Islam did not have this effect. What he had to say about Islam generally was interesting.
Christianity has of its nature been a shaper of nations, even of nationalisms; Islam has not, being on the contrary quite profoundly anti-national. A great deal of vague discussion about the relationship between religion and nationalism is blighted by the easy assumption that every religion is likely to have the same sort of political effect. It is not so.

...Not only was the explicit model of Islam together with its early history opposed to anything like a multitude of nation-states, unlike Christianity, it was also opposed to linguistic diversity. Its culture was not one of translation but of assimilation.

...The Muslim attitude to the Qur'an made translation almost impossible. For the religion person it has to be read, recited out loud five times a day, or listened to in Arabic. In consequence the whole cultural impact of Islam is necessarily to Arabise, to draw peoples into a single world community of language and government. And this is what it did. Even the language of Egypt disappeared before it, except as a Christian liturgical language. Nations are not constructed by Islam but deconstructed.

...The following quotation from Kalim Saddiqui expresses the specific Islamic approach to the nation with the starkest clarity. In terms of history it may be a simplification, but in terms of Islam's central political and religious ideal it is entirely accurate.

Today we come face to face with perhaps the greatest evil that stalks the modern world - that of nationalism ... The path of the Ummah and that of the Islamic movement within the Ummah ... is blocked by nation-states. These nation-states are like huge boulders blown across our path by the ill wind of recent history. All nation-states that today occupy, enslave and exploit the lands, peoples and resources of the Ummah must of necessity be dismantled.
Source: "The Construction of Nationhood - Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism" by Adrian Hastings

Reading this, it's perhaps easier to understand why Socialists and Muslims get along so well. Take out the references to the "Ummah" and the last quote could well have come from a Marxist.

I think Hastings' account of the interplay between Islam and nationhood is very insightful. Where nations do not exist, Islam does not stimulate them into existence. Where they already exist, Islam disintegrates them. Looking around Europe today, we can see the distintegrative effect Islam is having on the nations already estabished there.

Euronews forced to admit that "far-right" voters don't quite fit the stereotypes.

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Innsbruck mayoral elections in Austria are certainly providing for lots of drama. I've already reported on the furore provoked by the FPO's election poster "Love for the homeland instead of Moroccan thieves". Here comes some more colourful incident.

The Socialist Youth organisation JUSOS recently reported that its association building had been vandalised and set on fire. Dozens of swastikas had been daubed on the walls. A sofa had been burned while two students were sleeping nearby. It was attempted murder! Evil Nazis were poised for a comeback, it seemed, ready to take over Austria again! The media loved this story and lapped it up.

There was only one problem: it was't true. When being questioned by the police, a JUSOS member admitted that he himself had caused the damage to get publicity and damage right-wingers. The perpetrator has now been charged with fire-raising.

Source: Tiroler Tageszeitung Via: SOS Heimat

UPDATE: Hilariously, the 17-year-old Socialist has now been charged with "National Socialism Reactivation" under the strict laws Austria brought in after the war to outlaw Nazi activities. Painting swastikas is illegal, it seems, even if you don't really mean it.

The Socialist mayor of Toulouse, Pierre Cohen, who was born in Tunisia, and whose city recently achieved worldwide fame thanks to Mohamed Merah, made the following extraordinary remarks earlier in the week:
In my opinion it is important to reduce the presence, even eradicate, everything that is nationalist, Front National or otherwise. There are two ways: through the law and the relationship of physical force, which shows that the great majority is against them, but also through ideological struggle.

This is good illustration of the undemocratic mentality of the Left. Their sense of moral rectitude is so strong that they think anyone who opposes them must be evil. The same mentality has recently been on display in Lyon where three Left Front activists have been arrested for attacking a group of nationalist students in a cafe.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Absolutely shocking, but typical of the two-tiered dhimmi justice that now prevails in much of Europe: one rule for Muslims, another for everyone else. The man has a criminal record as long as your arm. Here he is convicted again for a crime that would normally merit 12 months in prison even for a first offence. But the judge lets him off because of the Pride of Britain/True Face of Britain nonsense. Off goes Tariq, laughing all the way to the mosque.
Tariq Jahan, 46, was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm following a four-day trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Jurors heard that he punched 34-year-old Sajjid Ali after the pair got into an argument in Handsworth, Birmingham, on July 6 last year.

The attack happened a month before Jahan won national acclaim for an impassioned appeal for peace after his 21-year-old son Haroon was killed during disorder in the Winson Green area of Birmingham.

Judge William Davis QC said: "People who break people's jaws in this kind of mindless violence normally go to prison but I take a view that because of his extraordinary position it is right to suspend sentence."

Addressing Jahan, he added: "There is in your case this extraordinary combination of events. For that reason and that reason alone I can suspend the sentence."

The judge told Jahan: "Ordinarily this would mean that you would go to prison for 12 months but this all happened last July and in August, as everybody in this court knows, you suffered the loss of one of your sons, which was desperate in itself.

"But more particularly, in the aftermath of this loss you took steps which in my judgment... probably prevented really serious disorder continuing in Birmingham."

The judge, who said he had sentenced many people for riot-related crimes since last summer, described Jahan's actions as "a genuine public service

Jahan's sentence was suspended for two years and he was ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

He was also told to pay £1,000 compensation to Mr Ali within 12 months.

The court heard that Mr Ali was taken to hospital by his manager and treated for two fractures to his jaw after the altercation outside his workplace in Factory Road. He also lost two teeth and had bruises to the left temple area of his face.

He told the jury that Jahan had attacked him after accusing him of staring at his wife, who was in the car with the defendant before the incident.

Mr Ali said Jahan drove up to him in his car and said: "Oi, why you staring at me?" before getting out of the vehicle and accusing him of "staring at my missus".

The victim told the court Jahan grabbed him by the throat, knocked him to the floor and then punched him while he was on the ground.

Jahan, who pleaded not guilty, had admitted hitting Mr Ali in the face but told the court he acted in self defence after Mr Ali headbutted him.

He said he pulled over and got out of his car to speak to Mr Ali after the pair got into an argument over Jahan sounding his car horn at a van blocking his path. Mr Ali had been standing on the roadside speaking to the driver of the van, Jahan said.

He said he wound down the window on the passenger side of his white Mitsubishi car and asked Mr Ali about where he was from and what his religion was in an attempt to relate to him and find some common ground.

He said: "I asked, 'are you Pakistani, Iraqi, Sikh, Hindu or Muslim', just to try to relate to him. He looked very similar to me and I suspected he was of Asian descent and because he was a young man and he looked a bit upset I was trying to calm him down.

"I thought if I could relate to what he was, I could talk to him better.

"I normally speak to people who are aggressive."

Jahan said he was "upset" when the incident became violent, adding: "I didn't want confrontation, I just wanted to try to resolve something that I thought I could resolve. I wasn't proud of what I had done. I was not happy.

"To see what I had done played on my mind as I drove back home. To me, it was the only means of defending myself.

"I was hoping to calm him down. He was a young man and he seemed to be getting aggressive over a minute issue."

Asked why he did not just drive away, he said: "It is not in my nature to drive off. You try to resolve issues, you don't run away from issues.

"I thought if I talked to him I could calm him down. I suppose now with hindsight I could have, I should have, driven off. It probably wouldn't have got to this stage.

"If human beings can relate to one another, they tend to calm down."

The judge said he sentenced on the basis that Jahan delivered a single "hard punch" to Mr Ali.

He said: "It was of significant force to break his jaw when he was on the floor."

Jahan, who received a Pride of Britain special recognition award for his compassion and dignity in the aftermath of his son's death, made no comment as he left the court.
Source: Telegraph

Normally, the spirit of dhimmitude is something we have to infer. Here we get to see it on display. This is the EU Parliament debating the draft progress report on Turkey's accession to the European Union, prepared by the Dutch MEP Rita Oomen-Ruijten.

It is a sorry display of dhimmitude and treason. Those who are supposed to defend our interests instead are betraying them. There are a few honourable exceptions of course, including: Barry Madlener, the Earl of Dartmouth and Philip Claes.

You can read the report they are debating here.
Wondering where Baroness Warsi's been during the current travails of the Conservative (sic) party? Well, now we know: setting up a "working group" on Islamophobia (sic).
12 months after Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman argued that Islamophobia has “passed the dinner-table test” and had become socially acceptable in Britain, the UK Government has established a cross-government working group to tackle anti-Muslim hatred.

The News/Jang has learnt exclusively that the group is modeled on the hugely influential cross-government working group on anti-Semitism, set up by the previous Labour government for the Jewish community.

The Group is chaired by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) and will have representatives from across government including the Cabinet Office, the Department for Education, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice. This scribe understands that the group will include leading UK academics, Dr Chris Allen from Birmingham University and Dr Matthew Goodwin from Nottingham University.

Imam Qari Asim from Leeds Makkah Masjid, Akeela Ahmed from Muslim Youth Helpline and Fiyaz Mughal of Faith Matters has also been chosen as key members of the group.

Note the presence of officials from the Foreign and Commonwealth office. So this programme is to be international in scope.

"What pattern do you see?" asks the Guardian. The pattern I see is a Muslim invasion of European civilisation, including Europe's offshoots overseas. See the Guardian's accompanying article here.

Remember when the Conservatives came in, they were trumpeting their migrant worker cap as the solution to Britain's immigration problems? Now immigration minister, Damien Green, has admitted it hasn't stopped a single person coming here.
Damian Green, the Immigration Minister, said that the current cap would remain the same until 2014 in an effort to allow certainty for businesses.

...The decision to keep the current 20,700 immigration cap follows figures showing the limit has been undersubscribed in the first year of its operation.

Mr Green said: “The limit, which is undersubscribed, has not stopped a single skilled worker from coming to the UK.”
Source: The Times (£)

Green wasn't saying this regretfully, as an admission of failure, however. He was actually boasting about it.
“We believe there is no incompatibility between economic growth and controlling migration - our reformed, more selective immigration system can achieve both.”

From the beginning, it was obvious to anyone who was paying attention (in other words almost no one) that the worker cap was simply a PR stunt. In each of the years before it had been introduced, the number of workers entering Britain in the categories concerned had been between 9000 and 10,000. Yet they set the cap at 20,000. And therefore it's hardly surprising that the cap has been dramatically undersubscribed. All the indications are that immigrant workers in these categories are continuing to come in at exactly the same level as before, namely around 10,000 per year.

So the whole thing was a complete and utter joke. It served no practical purpose whatsoever, other than gulling the British people into believing that something was being done about the immigrant invasion.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bombardment of town around Krak des Chevaliers

There are reports of damage to Krak des Chevaliers, the main Crusader castle in Outremer. The video above shows artillery bombardment of the town around the castle.

It would not surprise me if Muslims took advantage of the chaos of conflict to destroy some of the crusader legacy there. Listening to the voices on the video saying "Allahu Akhbar", these presumably are from the opposition to the government. I somehow don't get the feeling they're going to much put out by the loss of a crusader castle.

Krak des Chevaliers

Apparently the Syrian opposition movement is using Krak des Chevaliers to stage protests. One is shown in the video below.

Protest inside Krak des Chevaliers - Get out of my castle, idiots!

Meanwhile, the Director-General of UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova, called for the protection of Syria’s cultural legacy, citing media reports that have indicated possible damage to precious sites during the ongoing conflict.

“I wish to express my grave concern about possible damage to precious sites and to call upon all those involved in the conflict to ensure the protection of the outstanding cultural legacy that Syria hosts on its soil,” said Ms. Bokova. “Damage to the heritage of the country is damage to the soul of its people and its identity.”

A succession of cultures in what is now Syria left an outstanding wealth of archaeological sites, historic cities, cultural landscapes, monuments and works of art that bear witness to the evolution of human ingenuity, according to UNESCO.

Six Syrian sites - Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, Bosra, the Crac des Chevaliers and Saladin’s Castle, the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria - are inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Many others are inscribed on the country’s Tentative List, such as Apamea - where a number of journalists have reported that the Citadel of Madiq has been bombarded. The so-called Tentative List is an inventory of those properties which a country intends to consider for nomination to the World Heritage List.

Earlier this year, UNESCO reminded the Syrian authorities, through the country’s representative to the agency, of their responsibility to ensure the protection of cultural heritage.

“This situation is becoming more crucial by the hour,” said Ms. Bokova. “I urge the Syrian authorities to respect the international Conventions they have signed, in particular the 1954 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Properties in the Event of Armed Conflict, the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, and the World Heritage Convention.”
Source: UNHCR

H/T: Novopress

George Galloway’s third wife has announced he is still married to her and refuses to grant her a divorce, days after his latest wedding to a 27-year-old Dutch anthropologist.

Rima Husseini, who gave birth to her second child by Mr Galloway her four months ago, said yesterday that although Bradford’s new Respect MP “hasn’t done anything illegal”, they remain married under Islamic law.

“Morally, it’s a different story,” she said. “I have been asking for a divorce, but he has been refusing to grant me one for months. To this day he refuses to grant me a divorce.”

“We are still married under Islamic law. There is a misconception you can have up to four wives in Islam - but it’s just not true in the 21st century.

“It may have been the case hundreds of years ago as a way of looking after women in the villages who had lost their husbands, but it doesn’t exist now.

“It’s just a stupid, man-made thing in some Arab countries. Under Islamic law we remain married.

“He came this morning to pick up his son and we spoke.”
Source: The Times (£)

See the cross missing at the very top

Real Madrid, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, have shamefully removed the cross from their logo in a bid to appease Muslims. The fact that their director of football is the Muslim Zinedine Zidane cannot be coincidental.

In a diplomatic move, Spanish club Real Madrid have removed a cross from the crown on their logo on all promotional materials for the $1bn resort island they are building in the United Arab Emirates.

Spanish newspaper Marca said the change was made to “avoid any form of confusion or misinterpretation in a region where the majority of the population is Muslim”.

The cross, part of King Alfonso XIII’s crown, was added to the crest in 1920 when he granted the club his royal patronage and their name changed from Madrid Club de Futbol to Real Madrid.

All the royal symbols were then removed from the club’s crest and name in 1931 when the monarchy was dissolved, although they were restored at the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1941.

The foundation stone for the Real Madrid themed park was laid last month on the island, which will open in Ras al-Khaimah in 2015.

But what is the reaction to the move here in the Arab world? From a cynical money-making ploy to a move to keep Barcelona from winning over the Middle East, here are some of the comments made on social media sites.

In a comment on the Yahoo! Maktoob Sports page on Facebook, Alaa Mohsen described this as a "conciliatory" act.

Mohamed Bahi said on the same Facebook page: "Very cool, this is what all clubs in the world should do."

In the comments section of the article on Yahoo! Maktoob Sports, Badredine disagreed. He said: "They are money-worshippers. They have sold their religion for money. There is no point in saying that they removed the cross out of respect for Muslims. Why then do they prevent their Muslim players from fasting in Ramadan? They would not have done it [removed the cross] had it not been for their [theme park] project."

In the same vein another user said: "If they get more money they would probably add a crescent instead of the Cross.”

Moh on Facebook linked the move to the growing competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona, saying: "Who says they removed the cross out of respect for Muslims? They only care about their interests, and the money is certainly good.

"They want to increase their popularity here in the Middle East [against their rivals]. Barcelona fans are growing. Add to this that there is a war against Islam in all parts of Europe - the best evidence of which is denying Turkey access to the European Union."

The move by Real Madrid is widely seen as a gambit to strengthen their fan base in the Middle East and Arab countries; last summer, Barcelona won a huge sponsorship contract from Qatar Foundation.
Source: Yahoo News H/T: PI

It would be nice to think this was an April fool. Maybe it is. But it's certainly being reported in a few places as if it was real.

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